Sustainability vs. Technology: the next big race in product innovation. Industrial Design

Our perspective is that sport is driven by passion to win and to be better versions of ourselves. Passion for sport can also be found in the fact that people find meaning and belonging as part of a larger community or that they can explore the world around them and connect with them. It’s also because sometimes it just feels good to exercise.

Sports and products have evolved dramatically over the years, and skis have come a long way from wooden boards with rope bindings for arctic hunting. You can now find freeride skis with Titanal layers that allow backcountry skiers to conquer the most epic terrain imaginable. TitanalIf you didn’t know, it has nothing to do with titanium and is mostly aluminum with some zinc, magnesium and copper.

With a passion for nature and a focus on technical innovation, the sports industry is certainly ideally positioned to lead a sustainability revolution? We certainly believe that. However, we firmly believe that a fundamental blocker must be overcome that also offers the opportunity for urgently needed changes.

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