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St. Augustine is best known for being the oldest city that is constantly occupied in the United States, but it is also gaining reputation as a foodie destination. Walking through the cobblestone streets of historic downtown St. Augustine, you’ll find everything from artisanal cocktail bars to outdoor tiki bars with live music, cafes that serve snails, and fish restaurants that mix Mediterranean comfort food and Creole cuisine to offer.

With 500 years of history, from early explorers to pirates to robber barons in the industrial age, this coastal city in northeast Florida is truly unique. At the same time, the somewhat cheesy section of St. Augustine’s old town could be reminiscent of the streets of Key West or even New Orleans. However, if you venture into neighborhoods like Lincolnville, you may feel more like a stroll through Savannah or Charleston.

Whether you come to St. Augustine to enjoy the Spanish colonial architecture, eventful history, easy access to beautiful beaches or a sip at the fountain of youth, you always have to eat something. So on your next trip, choose from some of our favorite restaurants in downtown St. Augustine (plus a few nearby if you have a car to explore).

Flagler College fountain and sundial
Flagler College fountain & sundial

The best restaurants in downtown St. Augustine for lunch or dinner

In St. Augustine you will find strong Greek and Mediterranean influences as well as long and deep connections to Menorca datil pepper included in many dishes.

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