Milan Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2020: Best Hair and Makeup Trends – Photos : BEAUTY

Milan Fashion Week is in its own league. At the third destination during Fashion Month, we always expect luxurious and romantic looks from the famous Italian fashion houses that we have come to know and love. And as most of us remember, the last Milan fashion week began bleakly with the death of legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld. The creative director for both Chanel and previously Italy’s own Fendi left a legacy that no one else can ever replicate.

But even while we mourned for such a big loss, last season still made its debut with many of the beauty looks that we are still obsessed with. Versace gave us glam rock vibes with grungy structured hair and loaded smoky eyes. Max mara gave us a sharp, modern network of power. And only Moschino could find inspiration from The price is correct and give us exaggerated wigs and colorful eye shadows.

How can such unforgettable and trendsetting looks be surpassed? Consider this challenge that the brilliant beauty teams took on behind the scenes this year. Get acquainted with the best and most remarkable hair and make-up looks of the Milan Fashion Week.

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