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List of courses offered at Eastern Palm University and admission requirements.

List of courses offered at Eastern Palm University.List of courses offered at Eastern Palm University, Ogboko (EPUO). The courses listed below are currently offered in List of courses offered at Eastern Palm University, For the sake of clarity, the courses are arranged according to their respective faculties. It is therefore recommended to carefully review the list below.

However, it must be stated here that the following list of courses offered is correct List of courses offered at Eastern Palm University can only be guaranteed until the time of publication of this article. In other words, the list of courses offered may have changed List of courses offered at Eastern Palm University, Therefore, we recommend that you use the comment field below to confirm from the administrator whether the course you are interested in has been added or removed from the list.

Official list of courses offered in List of courses offered at Eastern Palm University


  1. Biochemistry (B.Sc. Biochemistry).
  2. Plant Biology & Biotechnology (B.Sc. Plant Science & Biotechnology)
  3. Animal and Environmental Biology (B.Sc. Animal and Environmental Biology).
  4. Microbiology (B.Sc. microbiology).


  1. Accounting (B.Sc. accounting).
  2. Management (B. Sc. Management).
  3. Banking and Finance (B.Sc. Banking and Finance).
  4. Marketing (B.Sc. Marketing).
  5. Entrepreneurship (B.Sc.Entrepreneurship).


  1. Physics (B.Sc. Physics).
  2. Mathematics (B.Sc. Mathematics).
  3. Chemistry. (B.Sc. Chemistry).
  4. Statistics. (B.Sc. statistics).
  5. Computer Science (B.Sc. Computer Science).
  6. Information and Communication Technology (B.Sc. Information and Communication Technology).


  1. Economy (B.Sc. economy).
  2. Psychology (B.Sc. Psychology).
  3. Political Science (B.Sc. Political Science).
  4. Public Administration (B.Sc. Public Administration)
  5. Sociology (B.Sc. Sociology)
  6. Library and Information Science (B.LS. Library & Information & Science)

General admission requirements

Eastern Palm University (EPU) requires the following in order to be admitted to its programs / courses

At least five credit cards in relevant subjects in no more than two sessions that must include proper English and math (SSCE or NECO) or an equivalent qualification from a country that requires other types of final exams at the end of secondary level or is standardized.

An applicant via the UTME should have a score of at least 180 in the UTME or the annual official cut-off score of the JAMB in order to be considered for admission to Eastern Palm University.

All applicants for direct entry must meet one of the following requirements:

Credit NCE
National diploma (ND) and recognized equivalents with at least less credit in relevant areas / courses
At least two advanced level passes in relevant subjects with an acceptable class level
The Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB), the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) and Cambridge moderated the School of Basic Studies in acceptable grades.
In addition to NCE / ND / IJMB, JUPEB, or two advanced level papers established by each faculty or course / program, candidates must also meet the Ordinary Level requirements for the courses / programs of interest.
Candidates who have not chosen Eastern Palm University this year (2017) can apply for admission to the university.
Candidates who want to change institutions can also apply. Applicants requesting a change of institution (Transfer Admissions) must submit JAMB admission letters, certificates from previous universities and confirmation letters.

For further inquiries, including international applicants applying for admission to Eastern Palm University, please contact:.

Tel .: +2349033069657
Email: [email protected]

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