5 tips for creating lesson rules Uk Education

Teachers understand that teaching rules are the foundation of behavior management. Expectations of how to present yourself and the general rules that must be followed for a classroom to function effectively can be challenging. How do you get students to follow the rules? Here are some tips to support this essential process.

Make sure that all students contribute

Start with the bare essentials, and then the classroom can use group discussions and feedback to decide what it thinks is a rule that it considers fair and which it knows to facilitate good educational practice. This will make your students feel valued and encourage a positive learning environment.

Be inclusive (you too!)

Make sure the rules apply to everyone. This includes you as a teacher. This would give you the opportunity to be the role model you need and to show the victim that comes with following the rules. Nobody is above classroom expectations.

Phrase rules affirmative

To create a positive learning environment, your classroom rules must reflect what you should do instead of what you shouldn’t. Some examples include; Treat others with respect, keep the classroom tidy, and do your homework and projects on time.

Check if necessary

No classroom stays the same all year round, and the rules used in previous years may no longer apply. Sometimes students misinterpret the rules. So be clear and rephrase if there is confusion.

Link to learn

Students become increasingly vulnerable to the rules in force when they can request services outside of the classroom. Rules are applied in most settings, if not all, outside of school. If the students can understand the concept, they are ready to follow the rules they have created.

What are your five most important teaching rules?

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