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Shein review and try on

Many of you asked me to: a Shein Check and answer some questions about shopping there. So I did some shopping and summarized some of the most important questions you had and answered them here! If you only know a few things about shopping at Shein, you will find the experience much easier and save a lot of money on clothes! Most pieces cost between $ 10 and $ 15, and I often see the same things that sell three times as often in boutiques!

Shein review and try on

Shein Review & Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping at Shein can be overwhelming at first. They have sooooo many items and their organization is omnipresent. I recommend dealing with your keywords fairly carefully when using the search option. If you just want to surf for fun, you can use the tabs to view certain categories, such as Such as tops, bottoms, etc. They also have a newly added tab (which literally adds hundreds of things a day). Here is a brief overview of your frequently asked questions!

Question 1: dimensioning

This is the most common question I have received from you. And it’s completely understandable because Shein doesn’t have a common size system for her clothes. Each piece is unique in its size. I have a feeling that Shein has gotten better in recent years because of her more uniform size. The salvation here, however, is that Shein gives detailed measurement instructions for each piece. You have to use this! Check the size guide for each item (in cm or in). Which means you need to know your measurements! Use a tape measure to measure your chest, waist and hips.

How to measure yourself

When choosing a size for Shein, I also like to look at customer reviews (if available). People often notice whether the item fits the size specified or orders one size up or down.

Question 2: quality

Another frequently asked question I received from you was how the quality of Shein’s items is compared to other stores where you may shop. I’ve found some amazing quality pieces, and some that aren’t that amazing, so I think they vary from piece to piece. However, most items are of fairly good quality for the price you pay. For comparison, I think the quality is similar to H&M or Forever 21. However, some of their sweaters and coats are of really great quality, comparable to what you would buy in a boutique.

One thing you can do to check the quality is to check the ratings on the piece. Many people post photos up close or with the item so you can see how they compare to the photo in stock or if they think the quality is good for the price. I always check that. If there is no rating for an item, you may need to gamble. But here, too, I think the quality is mostly pretty good! But you can always just let me sort out the good and bad for you and buy what I post, haha.

Question 3: Oversize options

Some people asked if there were oversize options or sizes that were larger than medium or large. I actually think Shein has a wide range of plus sizes! Since I got my baby, my pants size has increased to 10/12, which is right on the edge of L / XL. So I’ve actually bought some bottoms and skirts from their plus range lately. I also noticed that in her more popular pieces, Shein was good at offering both regular and plus options. Be sure to check out what they have!

Question 4: Is the website reliable?

I don’t blame people for wondering if an order from Shein is safe. In the past, I ordered from other Chinese websites and stole my card information shortly afterwards. But I never had a problem with ordering from Shein. They also offer PayPal. So if you want to be extra secure with your card information, use this option!

Question 5: return

Shein has a really simple return system. If you don’t like something, log into your account online and access your orders. Click on the item you want to return and it will walk you through the return process step by step. You can print out a return label and stick it on the package it came in or if you have an extra box lying around (who doesn’t do that these days? Thanks, Amazon Prime, haha). Processing time may take a few weeks for you to get your order back and deposit the money back into your account, but it’s relatively painless!

Shein rating: Try on session

Outfit 1: lace blouse with checkered pencil skirt

Shein Review Try on a plaid skirt with lace

Buy this look!

Outfit 2: brown blouse

Shein Review Trying on a brown floral blouse

Buy this look!

Outfit 3: White Swiss Dot blouse

Shein Review Trying On White Blouse Modest Style Blog Fashion Blogger Utah

Buy this look!

Outfit # 4: Pleated maxi skirt with a floral pattern

Shein Review Try On Pleated Maxi Skirt

Buy this look!

Outfit 5: Black floral dress in 2 ways


Shein Review Try on a black floral dress

Buy this look!

Dressed down:

Buy this look!

Shein rating: Let’s talk about accessories!

Shein has AMAZING Prices for accessories such as earrings, necklaces and headbands. I love getting things that are trendy and I want to try them out, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them if I don’t like them. For example the chunky headband trend! They sell these headbands for about $ 3 each, which I see in boutiques for the same for $ 15-20! Their earrings and necklaces usually also cost $ 2 to $ 3. You can save a lot of money on accessories alone! Here are some of my favorites I’ve bought recently:

My favorite earrings: (only $ 2 !!)

Trendy Chunky Headbands: (Only $ 3 !!)

Do you have any questions about this Shein Review? Let me know in the comments below or DM me on Instagram!

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