March 2020 Visa Bulletin – Extreme reverse engineering for EB-3 worldwide (except China and India) Us Immigration

The Visa Bulletin is published monthly by the State Department and is used to determine when a sponsored foreigner can submit the final step of the green card process or, if pending, when the final step can be decided.

Below is a summary of the March Visa Bulletin, including the final action dates and changes from the previous month.

China: EB-1 advances ten days through June 1, 2017; EB-2 advances one month until August 15, 2015; and EB-3 advances nearly three months until March 22, 2016

India: EB-1 jumps forward two months until March 1, 2015; EB-2 continues to sneak forward and advance three days until May 22, 2009; and EB-3 advances another week until January 15, 2009

All other countries (including the Philippines): EB-1 advances three months until March 1, 2019; EB-2 remains current; and EB-3 retroactive three years until January 1, 2017

NOTE 1: The March March Visa Bulletin indicates that EB-3 All Other Countries are expected to be “behind schedule” for the foreseeable future.

NOTE 2: USCIS has not yet announced whether it will accept I-485 applications in February based on data from the US State Department.

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