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Hello everyone, hope your week is going well. We’re still battling blackouts, but we’ve managed to keep shipping orders up to date so your embroidery is on the go.

Inspirations Magazine

Issue 105 of the Inspirations magazine shows my Hummingbird & Flower project on the front page – I am very honored, thanks Inspirations! The issue was sent to subscribers and is now also available in retail stores. If you would like your own copy, you can either buy the printed magazine or download a digital copy from Inspirations Studios on-line.

Inspirations Magazine is the world’s leading embroidery magazine, published and published in Australia by Inspirations Studios, I’m sure many of you are already subscribers, but if not, you might want to consider digital subscription to save on shipping costs? It is a real pleasure to receive this bimonthly magazine in your inbox.

This edition contains elegant and timeless projects that are simply irresistible. There are many beautiful projects that stimulate and moisturize your appetite. There’s a goldwork masterpiece by Alison Cole, exciting designs by new contributors Cynthia Jackson and Georgina Bellamy, Japanese-style beadwork by Margaret Lee, and an excellent little blackwork pillow by new contributors Christine Burton. There is an adorable embroidered blanket by Yvonne McMillan Betts and a fascinating botanical embroidery by Gary Clarke.


As you know about 18 months ago, I had to stop producing kits due to time constraints, but the good news is that I signed an agreement with Inspirations Studios last year to license and sell some of my patterns as kits. These are now available exclusively from Inspirations and can be shipped worldwide. They are beautifully put together and contain only the best materials, including my Premium Belgium linen. You can find them Kits for sale here,

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