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INEC Recruitment Aptitude Test Previous questions and answers Free PDF: Study Driller : Nigerian Education

INEC Recruitment Aptitude Test Previous questions and answers Free PDF download

INEC Previous questions and answersHere is the latest version of the INEC Recruitment Aptitude Test. Questions and answers from the past. Download the PDF version here.

INEC Previous questions and answers

INEC Previous questions and answers

During each parliamentary term, the Independent National Electoral Commission recruits new staff for its workforce, but this recruitment is always for a select few. To be successful during the screening test, you need to have the right material to answer previous questions, and answers are one of those arsenals. If you want to successfully perform INEC recruitment screening, you must download our free PDF INEC recruitment test for previous questions and answers. See details below.

Examples of previous questions and answers regarding INEC recruitment

1. A political concept that defines a society’s beliefs, attitudes and values ​​is called

on. Political socialization

b. Political culture

c. Political transformation

d. referendum

2. An important topic that distinguishes interest groups from political parties Is

on. membership

(b) goal

(c) Voting pattern

(d) ideology

3. Which of the following political parties did not take part in the Nigerian parliamentary elections in 1979?

on. United Party of Nigeria

b. National Party of Nigeria

c. Social Democratic Party

4. The first Nigerian leader to become president of the Organization of African Unity was::

(A) Tafawa Balewa

(B) Murtala Mohammed

(c) Yakubu Gowon

(D) Aguiyi Ironsi

5. The set of guidelines based on which countries interact with each other is mentioned

(A) Diplomacy

(B) Foreign Policy

(C) National politics

(D) international relations

6. The basic assumption on which the rule of law is based is

(ON). Supremacy in the constitution

(B) Human Rationality

(C) quality of people

(D) love of social justice

7. Between 1960 and 1966 nigerIa was ruled under the

(A) Presidential system

(B) Westminster system

(C) Confederate system

(D) unified system

8. Universal adult suffrage means everything

on. Adult citizens can choose

b. Choose citizens

c. Qualified citizens can choose

d. Literated citizens can choose

9. Under the presidential system

on. The party with the majority of seats forms the executive

b. There is the principle of collective responsibility

c. The president can come from any party

d. The federal states receive instructions from the federal government

10. A prerequisite for the independence of the judiciary is the appointment of judges by the

on. Civil Service Commission

b. Judicial Service Commission

c. Low review commission

d. The 1979 constitution

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