From $ 0 to $ 10K / month Blogging Tips

Bloggers Passion was launched on January 1, 2010. Exactly 10 years ago.

This is what the design of the Bloggers Passion website looked like 10 years ago.

Bloggers Passion website design

Here is a screenshot of all traffic in 2010.

BP Verkehr 2010

As you can see above, Bloggers Passion was visited by nearly 3000 people in one year.

Now the blog has become one of the most popular Indian blogs read by thousands of people worldwide.

Here is Bloggers Passion’s earnings report for 2019-20

Bloggers Passion earnings report

We have last year, H. 2019, generated around $ 128,000 with Bloggers Passion.

In 2018, Bloggers Passion generated $ 106,000.

Yes, we are consistently earning $ 10,000 a month with this blog. It is still a long way!

If you’ve been reading Bloggers Passion for a while, you already know that most of the income comes from affiliate marketing.

Here is a screenshot of affiliate product earnings (that generated over $ 229,000 in affiliate commissions).

SEMrush revenue

In this Bloggers Passion travel post I’m going to talk about some of the greatest blogging lessons I’ve learned, how we generate most of the traffic, how we advertise the blog, what plugins we use, and some other important things.

So if you are really curious about our trip, this is a treat for you. Let us delve into the details.

5 important lessons I’ve learned on my blogging trip so far

Blogger Passion Journey

I don’t consider myself an expert because I’m still learning. In fact, I still have a long way to go. Still, here are 5 of the greatest blogging lessons I’ve learned on the Bloggers Passion journey so far. I hope they help you too!

Lesson 1: Outsource, Reinvest, Don’t Spend!

In the past 10 years I have outsourced most of my tasks, e.g.

  • content creation
  • Website design
  • Social media management
  • Blog promotion and a few other things

That is why I have so much free time to work on what is really important.

Yes, I have to invest money to outsource all of these things (listed below), but I save a lot of time every day.

Whenever my blog generates money, I invest this money in “outsourcing”. Most bloggers don’t do this because they often spend money on unwanted things like expensive devices, cars, etc.

So if you want to make a blogging career, you should invest everything you earn from blogging. Don’t spend on useless things.

Lesson 2: Focus on passive sources of income

Most bloggers rely on revenue streams like AdSense, banner ads, paid reviews, sponsored posts, etc. What happens if your website suddenly experiences a large drop in traffic?

All of your blogging efforts will be gone overnight. This is why it is so important to focus on passive sources of income such as affiliate marketing, selling your own products, courses, etc.

Even if you see a decrease in traffic, you still make money, especially if you earn with recurring partner products that you pay for every month (not just once). The same applies to member sites. You get recurring earnings.

So focus on monetizing your blog with recurring products So you can earn money while you sleep.

Lesson 3: If something goes wrong, stay strong

One of the biggest hurdles when building a profitable blog is that something often goes wrong.

  • You may have security issues with your website (due to poor hosting or other security vulnerabilities, such as when someone hacks your website).
  • There may be problems with the decrease in website traffic (due to freaky animal updates from Google).
  • You may have problems with your website conversions
  • And the list goes on

So yes, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Most of the time you have NO control over things.

But in tough times you have to stay strong. Do not give up.

When Google blocked my AdSense account, I found another way to make money. When I saw a sudden drop in traffic, I worked hard to diversify traffic sources. I never gave up. Instead, I worked hard. That’s why I’m still here.

Lesson 4: Don’t be afraid to try new things. Be everywhere

Blogging is about expressing yourself. Don’t just limit yourself to your blog. You need to choose new platforms like YouTube, podcasts, seminars, webinars, quora, etc. to create a platform for yourself.

It not only helps you with more traffic, but also with brand awareness, which is extremely important to make your blog successful in the long term. Have no fear. Try new things. Life is all about decisions. Learn every day and develop a positive attitude.

Side note: You can follow me on Quora and say hello We often publish high quality responses to blogging, making money online and SEO.

Lesson 5: Set a long-term goal, but start small!

Blogging is NOT a quick way to get rich. But you can certainly get rich if you blog consistently for several years. Patience is the key.

So you have to think long term. Set bigger goals. Be realistic when setting goals. I often see most new bloggers saying things like, “I’m going to make $ 10,000 a month within a year.”

This will not happen (especially if you start from scratch with no marketing knowledge). There is nothing wrong with setting ambitious goals, but you will often become depressed if you do not achieve your goals all the time.

So start small and set realistic goals (e.g. earn your first $ 1000, the next $ 2000, $ 5000, etc.).

Enough said! Now let’s talk about how we run Bloggers Passion to give you an idea of ​​what it takes to create a profitable blog.

How we generate traffic for the passion of bloggers

Are you curious about how we bring traffic and visitors to our website?

Without a doubt, traffic is the key to a website’s success. If you don’t have enough visitors, it’s impossible to survive in the long run.

That being said, most of the blogger passion traffic comes from Google.

Although Google is known for its frequent algorithm changes, we have always managed to get good results in search results (despite the fierce competition in our niche).

There is a reason why we always focus on increasing our traffic from Google (it sends you highly qualified search visitors who are converted very well for us to increase our affiliate sales).

In addition to Google, we also generate traffic from other media, including:

  • Referral traffic (from Facebook groups, Quora, YouTube, etc.)
  • Direct traffic (visitors directly from their smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.)
  • Search traffic (which we mentioned above)

How do we promote our blog?

Blog promotion is extremely important. If you want to make more money blogging, you need traffic. To get more traffic, you need an advertising strategy.

We usually use the following approach to promote our content.

Create long form of content

Undoubtedly, a long form of content is the key to getting more traffic from search engines. Gone are the days when you could get queries by writing articles with 500 words. If you want to get the first page rankings for competitive keywords, you need detailed and extremely informative content.

We always ensure that our content is extremely practical, informative and detailed. Long form content also helps you optimize your content for a variety of keywords (all of which will help you get more organic traffic).

I try to be everywhere

Since early 2020, we’ve been writing answers to Quora almost every day. We also try to be everywhere through blog comments, guest blogs, interviews, videos, Facebook groups, and the list goes on.

We no longer rely solely on Google for data traffic. It is always a better idea to diversify your traffic sources. Try out all the media and find out what works well for you in terms of traffic and conversions. This allows you to spend more time on these traffic channels for better results.

Tools we use to execute Blogger Passion

We actually created an exclusive page in the Bloggers Passion Toolbox, where you can find most of the tools we use to run the blog.

Here are some of the tools we can’t live without.

  • WPX hosting (this is the web host we’ve been using since 2016 and worth every penny)
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast (recently Rank Math, a great alternative to the Yoast plugin for content optimization)
  • SEMrush (This is the ONLY SEO tool we can’t really live without. It helps keyword research website audits and competitor analysis.)
  • Drip (the email marketing software we use at Bloggers Passion)
  • WordPress (WordPress is undoubtedly the leading CMS in the world and we have been using the WordPress platform with pride since the beginning of this blog)

How do we generate money from the passion of bloggers?

In the past 3 to 4 years we have mainly focused on affiliate marketing. We strongly recommend that you focus on passive sources of income such as affiliate marketing.

This is how you ultimately earn money while you sleep.

We mainly sell the following affiliate product types:

  • Web Hosting: We promote all types of web hosts, from affordable web hosts to special hosting plans. However, we mainly recommend web hosts like SiteGround, Bluehost and WPX Hosting as we use all of these hosts personally and are very happy with their hosting features and pricing options.
  • SEO tools: We use a lot of SEO tools (most of which are premium SEO tools) at Bloggers Passion. Whenever we get great results with these tools, we write detailed reviews. Yes, this is an opportunity to promote affiliate products. When you promote a product by raising awareness of it, your sales usually go up!
  • WordPress Themes & Plugins: WordPress themes from Elegant Themes to GeneratePress and plugins from VaultPress to Yoast SEO Premium – there are a lot of WordPress tools that we advertise and earn from their affiliate sales.
  • sponsorships: In rare cases, we also sponsor (either through blog mentions or through reviews) who are really good.

Plugins that we use

We currently use 17 plugins at Bloggers Passion.

Bloggers Passion plugins

As you can see above, here is a list of the plugins that power our website.

  • A3 Lazy Load (If you use images, this is a must for you. It speeds up your website and improves the visual experience of the front-end user on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.)
  • Akismet (great plugin that fights with the most spam comments)
  • Classic editor (We kind of liked the old classic editor)
  • Contextual related posts (Do you want to show related posts at the end of your posts? Use this plugin)
  • Custom Post Templates (Provides a drop-down menu to select different post templates on the Post Edit screen.)
  • Simple affiliate links (If you are promoting affiliate products, this plugin is a must to use it.)
  • FB Gravatar cache (speeds up your website by ensuring that the gravatars are stored on your website and are not loaded by the Gravatar server)
  • My Theme Shop plugin (We use MyThemeShop to customize the design of our website. This plugin is extremely helpful for us.)
  • Rank Math SEO (We switched from WordPress SEO from Yoast to Rank Math because it offers excellent functions for fine tuning.)
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer (Helps optimize image size)
  • Simple redirect (just use 301 redirects with this plugin)
  • Social Snap (Helps you easily display social shares in your blog posts)
  • Table of contents plus (If you create detailed content like we do, use this plugin, as a table of contents will be created automatically.)
  • TablePress (Helps you with feature-rich tables in your posts and pages without having to write code)
  • WP Review Pro (You can choose stars, percentages, circles, points, or thumbs to get rating results. Very useful if you want to include reviews in your posts.)
  • WP Rocket (This is the premium caching plugin # 1)

Apart from that, we are always striving to improve the conversions of our website. This is where a heat map tool like Crazy Egg comes in, with which we can also improve our speed and analyze user behavior.

Short tip: If you’re using WordPress, don’t install too many plugins (keep them below 15 to 20 plugins) as using too many plugins can slow down your website’s speed and performance.

We are introduced

Bloggers Passion has been featured in a variety of large online publications, ranging from Forbes to The HuffPost to Lifehack, etc.

presented on

Here are some of the blogs we were featured on:

Side note: If you are interested in an interview with me, you can send me an email at [email protected] with the subject “Interview request”.

Can you consider blogging as a career option?

Now let’s end our Bloggers Passion travel report with an insightful question: “Can you really see blogging as a career option?”

To be honest, blogging or digital marketing as a career option is not a breeze, as many of you think. It is certainly not a quick scheme to get rich.

You may be tempted to start a new blog by reading or viewing success stories from other successful bloggers. It is not an easy way.

That said, there are so many advantages to blogging or digital marketing. I will try to consider the benefits of blogging as a career.

Advantages of blogging:

Now let’s talk about some of the precautions you should take if you want to choose blogging as a career in India or other countries.

  • You can work from home (or literally anywhere in the world). All you need is a laptop with an internet connection.
  • You can spend more time with your family. When you are married, you can never miss the opportunity to spend time with your children (without missing out on your work).
  • You are your own boss
  • You can also make money while you sleep (you must monetize your blog with passive sources of income such as selling partner products, selling your own products, courses, etc.).
  • No commuting (you can save a lot of time every week and use that time to expand your blog)
  • You can become an influential person in your industry. Once you’re a point of contact in your industry, there is no end to it, as you get a variety of ways to earn more (from paid appearances to advice to selling online courses, etc.).
  • You can develop a lot of skills when creating a blog (including writing, SEO, networking, web design, email marketing, social media skills and the list goes on and you will eventually become really good at a lot of the things that you do can help find more career opportunities in the future)
  • Once your primary blog or primary website makes a decent amount of money with the autopilot, you can start developing a few more blogs or niche websites that can ultimately bring you more profit.

Blogging difficulties:

  • Too many distractions. There are simply too many online distractions (from Facebook notifications to emails to other social media distractions). If you don’t have strong willpower and a laser-focused mindset, it’s harder to get rid of distractions, at least initially.
  • Getting motivated to work online is a challenging task. It’s more difficult to work consistently on your blog when there are no deadlines.
  • If your blog does NOT generate enough traffic, sales, and conversions, there is little to no motivation for you to work even harder. For this reason, you always have to set small blogging goals (so that once you hit those goals, you gain momentum to work hard).

As you can see above, blogging has its own advantages and difficulties. However, if you are really interested in blogging all day or making a living online, here are some quick tips.

If you are a studentThis is the RIGHT time to start a blog because you have enough free time. Use your free time to develop your blogging skills such as writing, coding, SEO, etc. Make sure that you earn a decent income from blogging before you graduate so that you can seriously consider blogging as a career.

If you are a housewifeBlogging is the way to go. You can also set up a YouTube channel for your passion (e.g. DIY hacks, cooking, gardening, fitness, etc.) and build an audience. Once you have enough followers, there are many ways to make money.

If you are already working, don’t quit. Work on your blog and earn money with your job. Make sure you set up an emergency fund for at least 1 or 2 years before quitting your job to work full-time blogging.

Quick note: If you want to start your own blog, I strongly recommend that you read this simple tutorial on how to start a blog in 2020 and earn $ 10,000 a month since you will learn many new things besides simple ones new blogs.

In short, blogging or digital marketing is a good career choice if you are consistent, willing to work hard, and willing to invest some money. If you’re looking for shortcuts, Blogging is definitely not for you,

How can you get in contact?

I am mainly active in my email as I try to answer most of the emails I receive.

You can contact me by email at [email protected] Twitter. Facebook and Join my FB group from here,

Anil Agarwal

Blogger Passion Journey: How I switched from $ 0 to $ 10,000 a month (from 2010 to now)

Anil Agarwal, who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like, Huffingtonpost, SEMrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web, etc.

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