A guide to Valentine’s Day Scandinavian

Galentines Day is a holiday to celebrate the love you have with your best friends. You don’t have to be single to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you just need a great group of friends and you’re done! Make the ultimate Galentines Day Party with our step-by-step guide below!

The first thing every Galentines Day Party must have is a signature drink. That is delicious Pink strawberry sangria is the perfect addition to any party and very easy to make!

And of course, no signature cocktail is complete without the perfect stirrers! We found them on Etsy and just had to get them.

Next, you need to find the perfect sausage board! We found it adorable Galentine Charcuterie Board Idea and just had to recreate it! It was so simple and absolutely adorable.

Decorations are a must when you host the ultimate Galentines Day Party! We found this charming Galentine balloons on Etsy and they really add to the overall picture and theme of the party!

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