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Sobota, February 15, 2020

As far as I know, this is not a new basis and I do not know whether it has been reformulated. In our drugstores we currently have versions with a clear cap and this black one. I recently got a bottle and got it in the palest shade I’ve seen. There are an impressive 40 colors in this line and in the twist that I never expected from a drug store foundation, it’s actually too bright for me. Max Factor has really pulled out all the stops when it comes to doing justice to even the paleest skin tones. The formula claims to be a three in one: a foundation, a concealer and a foundation. As an added bonus, it also has a sun protection factor of 20, although it is rather low. I used to have a primer from this line and I liked it very much, but since then it has disappeared from our drugstores.

Texture: It doesn’t seem to be a very thick primer when you push it out, but it feels thick when you try to mix it in. It’s not an easy foundation for me, maybe because my skin is dry, but it lacks an emollient feeling that would make it easier to mix and not stick too much in one place.

Cover and finish: It has a light to medium coverage and creates a fairly nice, even finish, but cannot cover redness from stains. Finish is very matt, too much for me. It looks good when applied fresh, but over time it becomes an obvious, flat-looking foundation. Even though I am cemented in place, in an hour I get those white spots around my nose that the foundation has slid into and that there is too much in the pores. The same thing happens on the edges of my face, but you notice that both things are only upon closer inspection.

Stamina: For something that is so dull and doesn’t move, after 7 hours it almost disappeared from my face. As a plus, I can say that it doesn’t emphasize lines or make them worse at the end of the day.

Shadow: I’m not sure if another affordable drugstore brand has such a pale hue, but it’s lighter than Essences #insta perfect 10 # cool porcelain, which was the lightest in my collection before. If you’re looking for something really pale, Max Factor is for you. The shade 10 Fair Porcelain is neutral. I don’t know which shade suits me perfectly in this line, maybe the next one in the line called porcelain, although 10 fits my neck, it only looks very pale when I apply it all over my face. In any case, this shade is very practical for me as I use it to mix with my darker primers. By the way, Shadow 10 Fair is not available in Slovenia, the brightest here is 47 Nude and there are 4 other colors: 50, 55, 70 and 75.

fragrance: It’s not perfumed, but it has a slight “color” scent. Nothing really flashy.

Packaging: It comes in a glass bottle with a pump. Everything is working well.

Price and availability: In Slovenian drugstores it costs € 14.69.

Honestly, I really want to love this because I’m so glad that it exists in such pale shades and Max Factor Slovenia went out of its way to get that shade for me, but although it looks really good in pictures, I am not happy with how it starts looking along the way. Immediately after applying it is great, but it slips into the pores and I get those little white spots and it looks obvious on the skin, and it’s too matte for me. I was a much bigger fan of the primer that was my favorite. I haven’t tried many Max Factor foundations because they are only medium shades here, but I liked Radiant Lift, one of the best looking foundations I’ve tried unless I think it broke out, which is a specific problem for me is.

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