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From Hawking to CEO; Fred Mugo is proof that dreams are valid.
What makes a living room cozy? Is it the carpet, the entertainment system, the seats, the art on the wall or a combination of all these things? The CEO of Eslis Furniture will tell you that a good comfortable seat is everything. They look forward to going home any time of the day and give you the confidence you need to take in friends and family.

Fred Mugo started selling clothes at Gikomba. Although it gave him the income he needed, he didn’t love it as much as he does today. Design and manufacture seats for sale. A business idea he got from a friend who was also willing to hold his hand and show him the ropes. They started out as partners and worked together for a while. The young entrepreneur was determined to be successful and gave everything. After working together for some time, he gained the confidence he thought was necessary to start his own business and so on
They went their separate ways.

afur “Working with a partner was easier. You have someone with whom you can develop your ideas and who will help you make difficult decisions. But I had to think about my future and knew it wasn’t going to be easy; I was ready to take on the challenge. I didn’t know how stressful it was going to be and that’s how Eslis Furniture was born. “

When leaving, there were so many things he hadn’t thought of. One of those things was the staff. He understands how important a good carpenter can be to his business. For a while he got carpenters who didn’t understand his vision. Some would even go so far as to get drunk at work. At some point he had to take a break and traveled to Nakuru for some serious prayers.

“I had to commit to prayer for two days because it was so stressful for me. I am a believer and I know that prayers work because when I came back things started to improve. I have very good carpenters and tailors. You need employees who can realize your vision in order to be successful in your company. “

Fred may have employees, but in the three years he has run his business, he has been a practical entrepreneur. He goes to Gikomba himself to source the raw materials he designs for the seats and also works on social media to further his anger. He mainly uses Facebook and Instagram as well as recommendations. He says that most of the people who show up in his workshop along Thika Road, just a few kilometers from Roysambu, do so because they have heard of the good product they sell. It strives to offer the best, especially in the competitive market. He has to make sure that he does the best.

Things are looking good. He has achieved financial freedom by doing something he loves. However, the journey was not without challenges and fears. One of the fears he grapples with is the fear of making seats and they don’t sell. So what? He has to pay bills regardless of whether he makes money or not. This rarely happens, but as an entrepreneur it is considered how you can improve yourself and your product.

When asked if he would take up employment, he says no

“Being an entrepreneur is particularly fulfilling when you are dealing with something for which you have a passion. I urge young people to join entrepreneurship, but they should know that it is not that easy. It takes a lot of work, commitment, and prayer if you believe in God.

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