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When I arrived in Marseille for the second time, I quickly realized that this amazing city has become a trendy and trendy place. Marseille is a gentrification, but still adheres to its magical multicultural essence and historic port city past. The fishermen still bring in their fresh catches of the day while the artists cover the streets with art. What has turned out to be the perfect destination for a holiday on the Mediterranean.

Le Panier Marseille

Not your usual tourist destination.

Unlike many other places in France, Marseille isn’t a place where tourists walk from historical place to historical place, either for the perfect Instagram picture or for the rush to fit into the things you have to see. Perhaps because of its previous reputation, the experience in Marseille is really different. What you will find is a place to sit in the sun, soak up history, enjoy a relaxing afternoon stroll, or enjoy the taste of food from around the world. Marseille is clearly French and yet not. If you choose the typical tourist things, you will be sadly disappointed. Of course, there is the tourist train that takes you to Notre Dame de la Garde (which is easy to see) and the normal hop-on hop-off tour bus, but the highlights of Marseille can be found on a walk, a boat trip, or one Travel on public transport.

Tourist train Marseille
Notre Dame de la Garde

My favorite areas in Marseille

Vieux Port

Vieux Port Marseille
Vieux Port

If you love to be the center of attention, Marseilles The port of Vieux and the Canebière are the perfect areas to experience the “belly of Marseille”. Hotels, restaurants and cafes line the harbor and there is plenty of nightlife if that’s your thing. There are many shops where you can buy clothes and Marseille’s famous soaps, but you pay more for your meals if you choose to sit here in the sun in a cafe. Of course there is a possibility that many people will watch. From the port of Vieux you can take a trip to the Chateau D’If des Counts of Monte Christo.

Vieux Port
Vieux Port

Le Panier

I spent this visit in Le Panier. It’s quantitative, quieter, and there are plenty of nice, inexpensive cafes to sit and enjoy a meal in, surrounded by friendly locals and people from all over the world. People live and work in Le Panier, so it’s definitely not the right place to stay if you want to spend a night, but still close enough to the port of Vieux to spend a night in the city.

Historic buildings line the streets in Le Panier.

The street district of Le Panier, lined with historical buildings and wonderful street art, paints the picture of the place. In Le Panier you will find small shops with unique handicrafts. It is wonderful and has a real French feeling.

Le Panier artists’ center
La Vieille Charite La Panier
Marseille is known for its sardines

Street art in Marseille

Finding and admiring street art is one of my favorite things to do anywhere. The street art of Marseille reflects the difference and the cultural diversity.

Street art Marseille
Street art Marseille
Street art Marseille
Street art Marseille
Street art Marseille
Street art Marseille
Street art Marseille
Street art Marseille

If you are looking for a great vacation spot in France, you should convince yourself of Marseille.

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