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For February 17th, 2020. Send future resistances
12151/12161/12171/12213 (1) / 12219 (2) / 12255 and support
12109/12099/12047 (1) / 12041 (2) / 12019/12006. The smell of one or both sides breaks out or tends to break out in 2/3 days. Swing traders can use stop-loss to act according to support and resistance by supporting sustainable norms. Consider my tolerance band +/- 0.146% for these values.

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Breakout levels, if available: –

Bulls: hold above 12255
Bears: Keep below 12006


Nothing safe on the market. trade
with stop loss. Above are my personal views, may or may not be
reachable. Contact your personal trading advisor before trading.



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