5 easy ways to find your frugality (and stop it) PERSONAL FINANCE

become economical

Do you want to be more economical, but find it difficult to develop new habits?

The concept of frugality is simple: find ways to cut costs, choose quality products that you use frequently, and use your resources wisely. The difficult part of a more economical life? Stick to the process.

It seems that some people are naturally gifted when it comes to frugality. Me? I am and have always been a frontier worker. I’ve tried very hard to change my behavior and I feel like I’m finally making progress.

If you have trouble adopting frugal habits, here are some tips to motivate you to stick to them.

become economical1. Read thrifty books and blogs

I am always inspired by those who are naturally frugal and who seem to live by a frugal lifestyle. When I feel like I am slipping off the train, I read some of my favorite blogs about saving money or frugality to get inspiration.

Reading thrifty material is a great way to motivate yourself and find new ideas.

2. Keep your goals in front of you

The best way to think about why you’re working on it is to try new habits. When you work on your frugal skills, you need to have some big financial goals that you want to achieve.

Write down your goals and keep them in a prominent place. Every time you feel like you’re off course, look at the goals you’ve set. If you remember why you are frugal, you can concentrate again.

3. Track your expenses

After I have found a good system, it is fun to track my expenses. It’s almost like a game to see if I can lower my actual spending below my planned spending.

The key to successfully tracking your expenses is to find a system that works for you. You can use spreadsheets, an online program, or pen and paper. Once you have a good system in place, you can see the areas where you really need to stretch your frugal muscles.

4. Find a responsible partner

If you get the urge to break your budget, a responsible partner can work wonders. You probably have some friends or family members who want to save more money this year. Therefore, ask one of them to be your responsible partner.

If you give in and want to spend money on something you shouldn’t, just give your responsible partner a call, text them, or email them. They will guide you through it just like you would for them.

5. Have fun with it

Living a frugal life doesn’t have to be a miserable existence. Instead, consider it a test of self-discipline. Being economical does not mean that you can never buy something nice. It simply means that you manage your money in the smartest way, in relation to YOUR life and goals.

There is no right or wrong way. Find ways to have fun with it and enjoy your new frugal lifestyle.

How do you motivate yourself to be more economical?

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