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You are a new real estate agent. You are just starting out in the field and have no sense of direction. Yes, you learned much better that you received your real estate license. However, common sense like what you should bring with you, what you should have with you at all times or what you should do before you get out there has not really been explained to you. You have just come from a 9-5 office job and do not know what this means. We have put together a short list of some things that can help you when you get out of there. These real estate basics will surely get you on the right foot.

1. A phone holder for the windshield

You will be on the go. A lot of. In this case you want to make your way as easy and comfortable as possible. A constant look at your phone to look at the map can be painful and tiring for your neck and above all dangerous. A phone holder for windshields is a good compromise. You will be more aware of your surroundings and at the same time ensure that you get to your destination in time.

Our recommendation:

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 phone holder for dashboard and windshield

2. A handheld steamer

As a new real estate agent, you would like to get to know new customers and build your referral business. You have probably taken the time to update your wardrobe and opted for more professional pieces that are perfect for making a good impression on your customers. But if your wrinkles are closed, there is certainly not a very professional atmosphere. Try a travel-friendly hand steamer. It’s quick, easy, and reliable. Your look changes from unruly to polished in just a few minutes.

Our recommendation:

Arespark Handheld Garment Steamer

3. A portable charger

Your phone is like your Bible. Especially when it comes to your real estate business. It contains your messages, photos, videos, your contact management system and all important apps. But what good is it if your phone has only 5% battery life and you have to be at a show in 15 minutes? Do not worry. A portable charger is the way to go. Charge it while you sleep, just like you would charge your phone and see how it works wonders the next day if you’ve been on your phone all day and need that extra battery.

Our recommendation:

Portable charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh – Power Bank with ultra high capacity

4. A retractable lint roller

Your hair is combed, you look light-eyed and awake and you wear your favorite perfume or cologne. However, you can’t help but notice your customer’s astonished look as they look at your clothes. You are sure that your clothes are free of stains and wrinkles. So you’re not sure what else it could be until you look down and are horrified. Your Golden Retriever used to take a nap with your suit earlier today and you didn’t seem to notice that his entire fur was raving about your suit. A retractable lint roller will be your new best friend. Keep one in the car or in your handbag and use it right before you meet a customer, show a show, or go to the office. It will take a few minutes, but you will feel like a new person and you will no longer be ashamed.

Our recommendation:

Scotch-Brite Mini Retractable Lint Roller

5. Reusable sandwich / snack bags

You may have seen these items online or even in stores. As a real estate agent, you are always up to date. This means that you don’t always have time to buy lunch (unless you treat it) a prospect), you still want to spend the extra $ 10 a day, especially if you enter the field with limited resources. You may not be in the office, in your car all day, or even spending many hours in the office behind the computer, and you may feel hungry. Invest in some of these bags and bring your snacks and sandwiches. It is also healthier and better for the environment!

Our recommendation:

Wattne 10-pack of reusable sandwich and snack bags

6. A real estate CRM

When you start in the field, you don’t know what to do first. You are overwhelmed, possibly disorganized, and the prospect of tracking and tracking your conversations with customers or leads is worrying. First of all, you think it’s easiest to write it all down in an Excel spreadsheet, on Google, or just. Maybe in the beginning, for sure. However, as soon as you make more contacts, you finally lose track of everything. In addition, you lose sight of marketing yourself because you are too busy keeping up with everyone. As a new agent, it’s best to start with the right tools on the right footing to stay in touch, build your brand, and better manage your business.

With IXACT Contact, all the work is done for you. It is a next-generation real estate CRM that provides you with all the tools you need to manage your contact information, for communication, for active business and for online presence. All in one, easy-to-use solution. The best thing is that IXACT Contact acts like your personal assistant with its unique marketing automation and the functions to set and forget. You save time, are better organized, stay in touch with previous customers, maintain and convert leads in listings, and generate more recommendations and repeat business.

Our recommendation:

IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM and Marketing Automation Software

7. Blue light glasses

These days you stare at a screen for most of the day. It makes matters worse that you are a real estate agent and your job is to stare at a computer screen or the screen of your smartphone all day. Regardless of whether you’re checking email, your chat correspondence, or your campaign reports, you have to stare at the screen. The best way to fight tired eyes is to wear blue light glasses. Keeping blue light glasses at hand not only helps with tired eyes, it also relieves eye strain, helps with sleep, and more risky long-term eye problems. Best of all, you have 20 to 20 visions and can still make them part of your daily lifestyle. They also come in different colors!

Our recommendation:

TIJN blue light glasses

The central theses

Hopefully this list will give you the tools you need to get started on the right foot. If you feel overwhelmed, it’s a good place to start by purchasing software that will keep you in touch with all of your communications, organization, and marketing automation. When you use the help of a reliable real estate CRM tool, you get exactly that. Try our 5 weeks for FREE, There is no obligation. No gaps. Do not worry. Try it!

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