8 ways to create a romantic home :DIY Home Decor


8 ways to create a romantic home:

1. Bring flowers home

Visit a grocery or florist to buy pretty flowers and create a few small bouquets in the bedroom and bathroom. I find affordable flowers at Costco and Trader Joes!

2. Clean up the bedroom and bathroom

If the laundry piles up on the bed during the day, or the kids throw their pull-ups or underwear over the floor, or if your cereal bowl is still on the bathroom counter, take a moment to refresh it. Seeing unsightly memories of your long day will quickly destroy the romantic ambience.

3. Set up a nice table

Do you have dinner on plastic or other ugly plates? Or, heaven forbids you to watch TV every night? Bring out the pretty dishes and set the table! No fancy porcelain necessary. I collect a lot of plates in discounters like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. Setting the table is an easy thing, but sets the tone for a more romantic home.

4. End the day earlier

If you’re tired in the evening, do what your grandparents are likely to have done and try to have dinner instead of dinner. In other words, eat earlier if you can! The earlier you can eat and clean up, the more time you have to relax in the evening. And adjust the children’s bedtime if they can do it! It is nice to have a few hours in the evening without children.

Another tip that my husband and I used at a young age was to feed the children separately from time to time. Then we would put her in bed and have our own dinner together, just like having dinner at home!

5. Refresh the fragrance

If your house smells of fish tacos after dinner, ventilate things! Clean the sink, use a diffuser with romantic scents or bake something delicious for dessert!

6. Mitigate the mood

When daylight begins to fade, turn off the bright lights in the house. Use lamps instead of ceiling lighting. Once the kids have gone to bed, light candles or use battery-powered candles to give the side tables a nice shine. Here you will find our favorite battery-operated candles!

If you have a fireplace, use it! We have a gas fireplace so it is easy to operate a switch for instant warmth and atmosphere. If it is impractical to start a fire, or if you have a fireplace that does not work or has no fireplace, put up a few candles to give off the light and sparkle. Instead of turning on the TV every night to fill the silence, instead play romantic background music.

I recently created a happy homebody playlist. If you need new songs, you can read them here!

7. Get creative

Are you turning into an old couple with a predictable evening routine? Sip. If you usually tidy up after dinner, put the kids to bed and then watch the rest of the night, try confusing the routine with a puzzle or board game by the fireplace. Try reading to yourself curled up on the couch. Or get really romantic and reread your love letters or relive your memories of your early dating days. At first, you may think it sounds cheesy or forced, or you may think your old routine is pretty comfortable, but routines can get a bit boring! And boring is not very romantic.

8. Decorate with romantically inspired furniture and decorations

Here is a summary of the inspiration and sources for decorations!

Speaking of romantic vibes, have you seen the free anthropology-inspired diffuser I’m giving away this week? Check it out here!

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How do you add “romance” to the feeling of your home?

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