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H.How does God reveal His grace? It is through the word and its spirit, so through revelation.

Knowledge of the truth

This is a true call to all who believe in Jesus Christ or who might one day believe. The appeal is for everyone, including all theologians and biblical scholars, preachers of the gospel of salvation, and Christians in general. Knowing the truth is necessary to work out the salvation of your own soul (Phil 2:12). It is the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him who was crucified (1 Cor 2: 2). If you miss the truth about Christ, all knowledge about salvation does not matter. That is why we dwell on the grace of God.


Grace is differently referred to by the front and by lower ministers and ordinary Christians as either undeserved favor or power or spirit or the person of Jesus. This is a worrying trend as the Bible teaches that Christians believe in Jesus and that we all have a Lord, a Heart, a Soul and a faith in Christ Jesus, so that all believers should be able to get the grace of God out of Scripture to describe. It suggests that there are many believers who do not know exactly what grace is. It may shock many to know that grace does not have a label as mentioned above, but is described in Scripture (Eph 2: 8-9). Therefore, Scripture interprets for us what God’s grace is. However, to be clear, the revelation of grace comes from God’s Spirit and Word and not from the flesh.

The natural person

The truth of God on a particular subject can be found in the Bible. Therefore, we should honor God for His grace that is upon us and share God’s Word with our neighbors. We should make known everything He did for us. The following is the biblical confirmation of what grace is: According to Scripture, grace (and truth) came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17). From the moment Adam fell into the Garden of Eden until Jesus was crucified, our sins had completely separated us from God (Isaiah 59: 2). For the natural man, the separation was symbolized by the veil that separated the people from the ark in the Most Holy Place (Ex 26:33). The meaning of separation is that man was expelled from God’s presence. The moment Adam and Eve committed sin, they were driven out of Eden. Consequently, the following gifts of God such as: mercy, mercy, love and any other form of blessing that he showed to man were absolutely undeserved, so it is a complete misnomer to pick grace alone out of the pack as an undeserved favor. Such labeling is certainly the opinion of man and not God. The only thing that man deserved was death because of his sins (Jer 15: 1-4; Rom 6:23).

The grace of God

To give the biblical answer, let us recall the events on the cross of Jesus. After the death of Jesus on the cross, the veil was torn from top to bottom (Mt 27.51). When this happened, the separation between God and man was over. As a result of Jesus’ victory over the tomb, the reign of the Spirit of Glory and God could rest on us. So if people are blamed for Jesus’ name, the blessing of the Spirit of Glory and God would allow them to endure and not seek revenge (1 Pet 4: 12-14). This is in line with the assurance that God gave to Apostle Paul when he was plagued with his thorn in the flesh (2 Cor 12.9). Incidentally, the natural man or spirit cannot perceive the things of the spirit and end up as foolishness for him (1 Cor 2:14), but with the spirit of God we can appreciate the grace of God.

The truth frees us

Jesus is God (John 1: 1). It is also the splendor of the glory of God (Heb. 1: 3), therefore the spirit of glory and God is the spirit of Christ who rules in heaven. This confirms that the grace that is the effect of the Holy Spirit on man is the intercession of Christ Jesus for the Saints. It shows why it is important for man to have faith through Christ to connect the throne of grace so that he can get mercy and find grace to help in times of need (Heb 4:16). Only the truth will make humanity free (John 8:32), so I advocate that everyone should put aside their pride, ego, title, scholarship and worldly logic and believe in the truth when it is heard or read becomes. God shows no partisanship among people, so no one will take special consideration on the last day just because he feels “special”. The subject of grace is just one of several revelations made in a new book entitled “Condemned Christianity and Unwavering” Lifeline. “


Christians must be like the Berean Christians (Acts 17:11), who verified the validity of what was preached to them through scriptural testing. You didn’t take your word for it. They searched the script themselves and proved that this was the case. It is what true followers of Christ Jesus should do every day. Biblical ignorance is at an all-time high even among professing Christians. Many cannot even describe what the gospel is, although Jesus described it precisely (Mark 1:15). Because of the lack of biblical knowledge, Christians are not prepared to respond to the hope that is in them (1 Pet 3:15). They don’t know that they will be the only Bible that some people will ever read. They will not understand grace if they do not live as under grace. You will see that only by the grace of God are you still not lost in a sinful world. You can appreciate that God has called them out of the world to the Kingdom. What about you? Does God use you to answer the hope that is within you? Will you be part of the silent majority that never mentions Christ or the Word of God? If you are, please read these very serious warnings from Jesus (Mt 10.33; Mark 8.38; Luke 12.9).

About the author

Dr. Danson E. Ubebe is the author of “Doomed Christianity and Unshakable Lifeline” (2019) and owner of the website. Return to the God Forum, Dr. Ubebe comes from Obadan in the province of Benin, Nigeria and studied science education at the University of Lagos.

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