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  • On February 13, 2020

If you are a car enthusiast, there is a possibility that your camera roll in your phone is filled with pictures of your pride and joy. Carrying cameras in our bags has made sharing your car snapshots in forums or social media easier than ever.

We decided to search the heads of one of our new customers, Ollie, who is both a car enthusiast and a professional photographer.

Ollie has 6 years of photography experience and a stunning portfolio that spans a wide range of distinctive cars. We’d like to learn a little more about Ollie and get some tips for the perfect shot.

Congratulations on your new Sky insurance! Can we get some background knowledge about your car?

Brand & model: Volkswagen UP! GTi

Changes: JBS Stage 1 Remap (145 HP), Forge Motorsport induction and drain valve kit, Milltek Sport Resonance Catback, Cobra Nogaro bucket seats made to measure, KW V1 coilovers, OZ Racing Rally Racing wheels with Nankang NS2R tires, Tarox Corsa – brake pads.

Why do you love it

It’s a car that proves that you don’t need a lot of strength to enjoy the spirit of driving. The character was missing in a standard GTi model. Now with its modifications, people are always amazed at how powerful this car is, especially when it is put through its paces on the track.

I’ve always had a penchant for quirky / unique cars and I feel like this car is one of them, especially with its modifications, as it has always led to a topic of conversation.

What is your story with photography and how did you get into it?

It all started when I got a camera for my 18th Birthday 7 years ago. I grew up with a passion for cars and, out of sheer joy, started taking pictures of cars in places and at events. I have lived after trial and error and have always strived to improve my skills. I explored new techniques to generate my own identity and stand out from photographers who were at the level I wanted to be.

We can see a lot of beautiful cars in your work gallery as well as photography on the track – what drew you to car photography?

The stories that come with vehicles. These cars have more to offer than we first see. When I come to the backbone story of why someone customized / built their vehicle the way they did, I always try to tell that story by imagining their pride and joy. Therefore, the image set is more important.

What were your favorite photography projects / who did you prefer to work with?

I previously worked at Milltek Sport as a media manager. We needed a vehicle for our booth at the SEMA Show 2018 in Las Vegas. Earlier this year we sponsored a very popular LA-based FK8 Honda Civic Type R with a full Milltek sports exhaust system. When selecting the vehicles for the stand, we considered the FK8 Type R to be ideal. We have this FK8 Type R, which we sponsored for the show on board. Two weeks earlier, Jonny, the owner of this car, couldn’t bring the car to the show because he packed a container that was going to New York the day we needed his help.

Jonny then asked me if I wanted to drive through the desert to Las Vegas. Obviously I took this opportunity. It turned out to be ideal because I have a family in LA. The car was with me in Las Vegas at 6am the day before I left. Halfway through the desert, I paused for a photo shoot that was featured in Japanese Performance Magazine. Then it went straight to the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center for the show:

Can you give us photography tips that will help make our customer base’s car photos stand out on social media?

It is a very crowded network. With so many people with a camera taking the opportunity to take pictures of everything in the automobile, it is difficult to stand out. My advice would be to never copy someone else’s style. Be yourself, try to be original. Use other works as inspiration and vision, but always try to take your own turn. Then try to match your photographic style to develop your own identity.

Work with Ollie

If someone wanted to book a photo session with you, how would they do it?

Just fill in the blanks on my “Contact” page here:

If you are interested in working with the very talented Ollie, please read the relevant links below.

Ollie‚Äôs website | Ollie’s Facebook Page Ollie’s Instagram

Special insurance with Sky Insurance

The special cars like Ollie’s or the ones he photographed require special insurance. This is where we come in.

The type of coverage we can offer under these types of policies includes:

  • “Like-for-like” modifications cover
  • Coverage of the agreed valuation
  • Second car discounts
  • Limited mileage discounts

Ask for a quote

Further information: Modified car insurance | Get an offer | Sky Insurance website

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