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JAMB Agric questions and answers on the CBT exam 2020 : Nigerian Education

JAMB’s earlier questions and answers for agricultural science can be found here. You can answer the questions on this page and download the questions and answers from Agric JAMB as a PDF.

The reason why we decided to post these questions and answers about agriculture here is to help JAMB candidates (both UTME / DE) who have chosen agriculture as one of their subject combinations, to adequately focus on the upcoming JAMB – Prepare for exam.

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These are not questions from the agricultural textbooks recommended by the JAMB. No, these are questions that often arise during the JAMB exam.

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If you were worried and really want to know what questions JAMB will ask in agriculture for 2020 UTME and what questions will most likely be asked in JAMB agriculture? Then this page is certainly for you, because it offers you questions and answers about agriculture for Jamb 2020.

These 80 questions and answers from Agric JAMB’s past cover every chapter in JAMB Agriculture. However, the questions about likely agriculture are not organized by topic, so you can understand how JAMB is asking your questions and be ready by practicing the following questions.

Here are the questions in JAMB Agriculture that will surely help you in 2020. Trust me, some of the questions about JAMB Agricultural in 2020 are likely to come from these questions below.

Agric JAMB questions and answers from the past

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How to pass JAMB Agric Science questions.

  • Make sure you read, listen to, and always follow the instructions.
  • Answer the questions you know best and go through the questions again to answer those that you are not 100% sure of.
  • Always manage your assigned time well.
  • Never predict answers unless you have no choice.
  • Read the question carefully before answering it.
  • Carry out a constant revision of previous Agric questions.
  • Do not skip examples and exercises.
  • Test yourself on Agric questions.

JAMB Previous questions and answers for agricultural science.

You can review the answers to these questions at the bottom of the questions (at the bottom of the page).

1. The soil texture is described as:

  • A. Distribution of different sizes of soil particles
  • B. Arrangement of soil particles in a soil sample
  • C. The speed at which water air moves through the ground
  • D. Distribution of soil particles in a sample

2. Slate is derived from?

  • A. Schist
  • B. sandstone
  • C. Shale
  • D. Genesis

3. The soil can be drained as follows, except?

  • A. Sprinkler
  • B. channels
  • C. Gutters
  • D. porous tubes.

4. In which layer of the soil profile does no biological activity occur?

  • A. Starting material
  • B. D horizon
  • C. C horizon
  • D. B horizon

5. Which of the following causes does not occur in poorly drained soil?

  • A. spots near the tip.
  • B. Decrease in root depth
  • C. Color change of the surface
  • D. Decrease in organic matter content

6. Common land surveying equipment includes the following except?

  • A. Ranging Pol
  • B. prismatic compass
  • C. Cannon chain
  • D. spade

7. When setting up willows it is best to?

  • A. only plant grasses.
  • B. only plant legumes.
  • C. Plant a mixture of grasses and legumes.
  • D. Let the natural grasses grow.

8. The distance between two consecutive yam hills should be approximately?

  • A. 0.1 m
  • B. 1.00 m
  • C.10.00m
  • D.100m

9. Which of the following functions does the rumen microorganism not have?

  • A. Digestion of cellulose
  • B. Plant protein conversion
  • C. Production of Vitamin B.
  • D. Gas production in the Remen.

10. The part of the stomach of ruminants from which digestive juices are excreted is called?

  • A. Rumen
  • B. Reticulum
  • C. omasum
  • D. belly

11. The most important of all production factors in crop production is?

A. Work
B. Capital
C. Country
D. Management

12. Which of the following farm animals is considered monogastric?

A goat.
B. Pig.
C. cow.
D. sheep.

13. The mating process in poultry is called?

A. Maintenance.
B. kidding.
C. tupping.
D. Kick.

14. Is there any sign of heat in farm animals?

A. Strong salivation.
B. Secretions from the vulva.
C. Difficulty breathing.
D. continuous urination.

15. Is the anti-sterility vitamin in animal nutrition?

A. Vitamin K.
B. Vitamin E.
C. Vitamin C.
D. Vitamin B.

16. The relative humidity in an incubator is usually set to?

A. 10% – 30%.
B. 40% – 60%
70% – 80%
D. 90% – 100%.

17. A serious pest of sweet potato, whose larvae destroy the leaves?

A. Miners
B. Weevil mea
C. Mealy Beetles
D. Aphids.

18. The fertility of forest soils is mainly supported by:

A. Nutrient recycling.
B. Rodent Activities.
C. be protected from direct sunlight.
D. Prevent raindrops from hitting the floor directly.

19. Mendel’s law of segregation states that the features hidden in an F1 reappear in a proportion in the F2 generation?

A. 1: 2
B. 2: 2
1: 3
D. 3: 2

Question 19: The breed of sheep that can be found all over Nigeria is called?

A. Yankasa.
B. Uda
C. West African dwarf sheep
D. Balami.

Question 20: A female cattle that did not have a calf or developed into a mature form of a cow is considered? Designated.

A deer
B. veal
C. scream
D. Heifer

Question 22: The main reason that the expansion of agriculture is necessary is the increase of?

A. Rainfalls.
B. Population.
C. Workforce.
D. Animal power.

Question 23: Which of the following groups of plants are mainly grown in the rainforest zone of Nigeria?

A. millet, yam and coconut.
B. corn, coconut and cassava
C. Sorghum, Sweet Potato and Date.
D. Wheat, Irish Potatoes and Peanuts

Question 24: In farm animals are gonads associated with organs?

A. Circulation
B. Elimination
C. breathing
D. Reproduction.

Question 25: Which of the following combinations of resources supports the healthy growth of the plants?

A. Tractor and cash.
B. Irrigation and fertilizer.
C. Bull work and implement.
D. Cutlass and sacks

Question 26: When farmers do both plant and animal husbandry, does he practice?

A. lay agriculture.
B. mixed framing.
C. Mixed culture.
D. crop rotation

Question 27: Elastic demand is the way in which the price changes …

A. causes a greater change in the quantity of goods in demand.
B. a product leads to little or no change in demand.
C. leads to an even change in the goods in demand.
D. may not change the quantity demand of a product.

Question 28: Agricultural work is usually measured by?

A. Amount of wages paid to the work
B. hours or days of work through work
C. Level of education of work
D. Type of work performed.

Question 29: Is there any information that is included in the company payroll?

A. Date of employment.
B. Return on equity.
C. Total credit.
D. dividend.

Question 30: Retailers can create artificial shortages through?

A. Price hike.
B. hoarding.
C. under manufacture.
D. processing.

Question 31: The most effective way of disseminating information among farmers is through?

A. individual method.
B. Group method.
C. Bulk method.
D. cooperative method

Question 32: The causative agent of avian influenza is a?

A. bacterium.
B. Virus.
C. mushroom.
D. Protozoon.

Question 33: The best method (s) for regulating fishing is / are?

A. Gillnet and electrofishing.
B. Quota and mesh size control.
C. Strand seiners method.
D. active network

Question 34: It is the responsibility of the farmers to expose scientific knowledge

A. Research institute.
B. settlers.
C. Agro service center.
D. Expansion staff

Question 35: The following factors of agricultural production apply except?

A. Homestead
B. land
C. work.
D. Capital.

Answers to the JAMB Agric questions above.

1. A 2. C 3. A 4. D 5. A 6. D 7. C 8. D 9. D 10. A.

Jamb Agricultural Science questions and answers for CBT.

Question 1. Theobroma cacao grows best in:
reply: wet rainforest zone.

Question 2. The by-products of farm animals used as feed components in the poultry ration include:
reply: Blood and bones.

Question 3. Below are agricultural surveying devices:
reply: Gunters chain, compass and Abney level.

Question 4: Subsistence farmers mostly practice:
reply: mixed farming.

Question 5: Soil nutrient intake can be improved by:
reply: Crop rotation.

Question 6: Insect damage to the crop has the following form:
reply: Chewing, sucking and stinging

7. A farmer collects 800 eggs from a laying bird of 1200 birds a day. Determine the relocation percentage of the inventory
reply: Laying percentage = (number of eggs x 100) ÷ number of layers = (800 × 100) ÷ 1200 = 67%

8. The horticultural branch dealing with the production of vegetables is called:
reply: Pomology

9. There is a ratio of 0: 10: 0 on a fertilizer bag. This means that the fertilizer:
reply: Phosphate fertilizer.

10. A piece of land should be leased to a farmer if it is ________
reply: rented for a certain period.

12. What is the function of Nitrosomonas bacteria in the nitrogen cycle?
reply: Nitrogen fixation.

13. In plant production, ginger is increased by:
reply: Rhizome

14. In your opinion, which function can lead to an incorrect display on a prismatic compass?
Answer: magnetic attraction.

15. Continuous tillage can result in:
reply: Degradation of the soil structure

16.Crop rotation reduces the occurrence of pests by:
reply: Breaking life cycles of pests.

17. The forest management system, in which both food crops and forest trees are planted simultaneously on the same piece of land, is known / or is called:
reply: Taungya

18. The yellow coloring of the lower leaves of a growing maize plant can be due to a lack of _______:
reply: Nitrogen.

19. The main factor that normally affects the distribution of plants in West African countries is:
reply: Climate.

20. The system in which a farmer uses a piece of land for a certain period of time and gives it up for another country is called:
reply: Shift cultivation.

21. A mass of rotted plant and animal waste that is processed in pits is usually referred to as ______ in agriculture.
reply: Compost manure.

22. Is flood irrigation used to grow ________ in agriculture?
Reply: Swamp rice.

23. A sow that does not produce milk after farrowing should be given ____________?
reply: Oxytocin.

24. Tubers, rhizomes and tubers, are all examples of?
reply: underground stems.

25. Is the correct order for using coupled land preparation equipment?
reply: Plow, harrow and ridger.

26. In which layer of the soil profile do most biological activities occur?
reply: A horizon.

Question 27: Under the municipal land ownership system in agriculture, farmers find it difficult to obtain loans because ________?
reply: Real estate cannot be used as security.

Question 28: Piglet anemia can be caused by using?
reply: Iron drugs.

Question 29: Is the correct order of feed conversion in farm animals?
reply: Admission-Digestion-Absorption-Assimilation.

Question 30: Which rock group forms after a volcanic eruption?
reply: Basalt, granite and pumice.

Question 31: Is the soil water available for root uptake at field capacity?
reply: Capillary water.

Question 32: The actual maturity in farm animals is not influenced by any of the following factors:
reply: Weaning age.

Question 33: In birds, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing and nervous paralysis are all symptoms of?
reply: Newcastle diseases.

Question 34: The device that is used to stabilize the heat in an incubator is called?
reply: Thermostat.

Question 35: Are there newborn rabbits in animal production?
reply: Rabbits.

Question 36: When producing plants, ginger is made from?
reply: Rhizome.

Question 37: The main goal of forest management in the arid region is:
reply: Check desert attack.

Question 38: Poaching is prohibited in game reserves to ensure:
reply: Preserve wildlife.

Question 39: Is regulatory control of diseases in crop production called?
reply: Quarantine.

Question 40: Pineapple is widely used using one of the following methods:
reply: Sucker.

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