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Are you looking for new social media content that you can share on Facebook and Instagram? Are you hoping for more engagement? You can achieve both of these goals with an Instagram campaign with user-generated content or UGC. UGC is content created by users and can be available in a variety of media such as text, images, videos and audio.

On Instagram, UGC created by your target audience can help other potential customers see themselves in these creative assets and then get into your sales funnel in a variety of ways. In addition, this will help build trust in your brand, encourage more engagement, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Encourage your customers, regardless of your company size, to share content and, if it already does, share it!

User-generated Instagram post from Jeep

In this guide, we share everything you need to know to effectively use user-generated content on Instagram:

  • How to get user-generated content
  • How to use your UGC on Instagram to encourage engagement
  • This is how you offer a high-quality customer experience

Let’s start!

How to get UGC for Instagram

Where do you start The nice thing about social media is that you can make it social, talkative and creative. Some ways that we recommend to customers and that we can see success with are to start a hashtag trend to enter into an influencer partnership. Here’s how to use these methods to get UGC for Instagram.

1. Start a hashtag trend

Encourage your fans / followers to contribute and show what they have with a hashtag you have created. If you have a few in mind, check their use by searching them Instagram hashtags in the respective channels. Your contributions to encourage users to use your hashtag may be a way for them to show how they design a retail product you sell, a tool you provide, what they create with it, or how your service makes their lives better , An added benefit is that you can easily track your posts, especially on Instagram, where you can search for and follow a hashtag. This also serves as a creative arsenal if you want to share UGC content.

Check how effective this is testify encourages their customers and people who do not do so below.

Request procreate user-generated content on Instagram

2. Ask a question

It’s easy: ask a question and encourage your followers to share and tag you. After all, people enjoy being introduced and feeling special.

American Eagle even more directly asks its fans if they want to be featured, right in their Instagram bio, and all users just have to use their hashtag.

Request user-generated content on Instagram from American Eagle

3. Partner with influencers

We often see celebrities on a larger scale who support products on social media. This requires a larger budget, so it may not be so easy for small businesses or limited budgets to accomplish this. Don’t worry as there are ways to work with microinfluence agents. For example, if you are a fashion boutique, go to a local fashion blogger near you and discuss a small partnership opportunity with them. If you’re a law firm, look for local companies you’ve worked with before and do the same, as you may have helped them open and they can tell a story about how you were involved. If you are in real estate there are many opportunities with people you have helped buy or sell their homes. Influencers are great at creating unique content that is real for them and their followers, and they give you fresh, user-generated content to work with.

Influencer content on Instagram

Another thing you can do with your influencers is to have them compete from their accounts. If you can, give away one of your products or services. If the costs are too high, you don’t have to give away anything big and still succeed with something like that. While product giveaways have been successful, we have had great success with every type of price, such as branded t-shirts, bags, and even stickers. Here, too, the user feels special.

How to use your UGC on Instagram

Now that you’ve got all of this great content, we’d like to explain the different ways you can not only improve the look of your profile, but also increase your engagement and conversions. You can share the content created by the user via Facebook and Instagram, provided that no private account is set for the user account. When a private user tags you on Instagram, they end up with an option to choose whether you can share it on yours Instagram stories, Often users choose this when they highlight you.

Here are some great examples of what brands are doing with their UGC that you may be able to inspire and emulate with your own taste of your brand.

1. Share again

Is someone raving about you? Reuse and share again on your channels and show real people who share real and shining content about you. The best content comes from real fans who post unsolicited content, like this one who thanks and rates one of my personal favorite local wineries. Serrano wine in Paso Robles. Loryn Powell shares a look back at her visit to her tasting room on Instagram Stories.

Example of user-generated content from Loryn Powell

She raves about how wonderful it was to speak to the owners, and she talks about her wine and how everyone should try it. The kicker is that she wasn’t paid for it. As a comedian, this user has 50,000 fans on Facebook and 90.1,000 followers on Instagram. This was an excellent opportunity for Serrano Wine to expand its reach and possibly bring more people into the tasting room due to the really good service and products. Re-sharing posts like this or even posts with your product is a must.

2. Post with a cause

Look for user-generated content that you can attach to a relevant post. For example, here’s a great example Hydro flask on Facebook, where the company publishes an informative post on how you can reduce single-use plastics together and complements its post with a beautiful nature photo with a customer’s product.

User generated content on Instagram example from HydroFlask

3. Share reviews and testimonials

Collect reviews? Use this! Either share it in the copy of the post or more effectively create an image or video with the rating like Dove do below in this Instagram ad.

User-generated content on Instagram example from Dove

If someone loves your brand, don’t be shy and ask them for a photo or video review. People are often very willing to provide such assets.

4. Create a spin-off account

If you have a large volume of Instagram UGC that could serve your brand well in a standalone account, give it a try, as Uber did with its account Overheard Account.

Uber's UGC Instagram account

To encourage the submission of contributions, Uber invites carpool users to edit the account with submissions. Another thing to keep in mind here is that the company stores its Instagram stories and categorizes them so you can view them even if the short-lived content disappears 24 hours after the first post.

5. Influence your audience

Although the possibilities are endless, given the many business and audience-specific variables, if you only have one photo, simple sharing can be effective even on days when you need to publish something, but may have little content. If it can make someone smile, inspire an idea, open a conversation, inform, educate, or help, use this content to do so.

UGC Instagram content from Wags

6. Advertise with Facebook and Instagram ads

If you have a budget for Facebook and Instagram ads, take your organic endeavors to a new level. Expand your reach, visibility, engagement and sales with new audiences and reconnect with those you may already know by promoting your user-generated content. Even if you have a budget of just $ 5 a day, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. Of course, if you have more budget, this is better because you can expand your network to attract new people to discover your brand and keep them moving along your path sales funnel, The faster you can learn what works well with certain audiences, messages, and ads, and what doesn’t, the faster you can make decisions about what to stop and where to start.

This is how you offer a high-quality customer experience

Keep in mind that users don’t necessarily generate content that your brand can share. Interactions with your customers or followers on Instagram still reflect your brand, and it’s important to treat them that way. Here are some things to consider when using Instagram UGC.

1. Please permission

Before sharing someone else’s content, you should ask their permission to minimize any setbacks, even if they have marked you in them. Comment on their post or DM them and ask if you can share them. Take a screenshot of the approval as a backup and save it as a precaution. In other cases, a disclaimer can be added to your posts that includes UGC as the source. For security reasons, ask your business lawyer about their recommendation.

Tweet about asking for permission with UGC on Instagram

2. Give credit where it is due

If someone has taken the time to share a post and tag you in it, give them credit by tagging them in your Reshare. Some brands use a copy labeled “Image courtesy of @___”, others add a camera with a flash emoji 📸 followed by the handle of the content creator, and others use #rg ____, which stands for “Regram” on Instagram.

An example of the latter can be seen in use Instagram by American Eagle Account:

UGC on Instagram example from American Eagle

3. Thanks

Comment on the user’s original post to let them know you appreciate them. It can go a long way in making them feel special, and you can even secure a customer for life.

4. Track

Create a way to track your UGC. We usually create a table with our customers with links, screenshots and details about who shared them and when, as well as other helpful information about the types of campaigns we can use them for.

Start with UGC on Instagram!

Now we’ve covered all of the basics and best practices to promote UGC engagement for Instagram: how to get content, how to use it on Facebook and Instagram for organic and paid purposes, and how to make sure you deliver a great customer experience. With user-generated content, there are numerous ways you can use it to leverage your marketing efforts. Have fun, get creative and generate success!

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