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I know what you’re thinking. A post about deep cleaning my kitchen?! Slumber. Boring. Keep going.

And frankly, I’m not blaming you.


Have you ever fully organized your refrigerator and experienced it? magic opening it and knowing exactly where everything is? Because I hadn’t done it before this week. And let’s say – it’s a game changer.

I feel like a Really grown up now.

I know that deep cleaning the kitchen isn’t the funniest thing in the world, but frankly it could be the most practically Topic in the world. And I don’t know anything about you, but now that I’m in my 30s, I need a lot less fun and a lot more practicality.

Here are my tried and true tips for thoroughly cleaning every inch of your kitchen. And as always, if you have a brilliant tip that I forgot, please, oh, please drop it in the comments so I can update my post!

How to clean your kitchen thoroughly

Woman cleaning an oven with text overlay

Cleaning the hob and oven

Favorite detergent

Most ovens have a self-cleaning function these days, but that always makes me a little nervous. I am sure it works and is absolutely safe, but I feel more comfortable most of the time when I scrub myself.

If you want deep Clean your oven and you are really ready to fully commit yourself. Here is an overview of how it is done:

  • Remove all the racks and set them aside (you can wash them in the bathtub with a little washing-up liquid if you need them!)
  • Make a paste with 1/2 cup of baking soda and a couple of tablespoons of water.
  • Rub the paste on all surfaces of the oven
  • Let the paste rest for a few hours – if possible overnight.
  • Come back and wipe all surfaces with a warm, damp cloth. You should find that most of the grease and dirt will go straight up, but you may need to scrub some of the more stubborn parts!
  • If stains are still present, you can try spraying and scrubbing some vinegar on the baking soda paste to remove them.

If you are not ready to spend so much time cleaning your oven, here is my quick and easy method:

  • Remove the racks
  • Make a paste with about 1/4 cup of baking soda and some water.
  • Rub the paste on the dirtiest parts of the oven (I only did it on the door and glass)
  • Spray the entire inside of the oven with Krud Kutter
  • Let rest for 10-15 minutes
  • Wipe with a warm rag.
  • DONE!

This will not get your stove quite as squeaky clean as the more intensive method, but it works well for me and feels a lot less stressful!

For the hob, I usually try to wipe mine with Mrs. Meyers every night. Then I do a thorough cleaning about once a month this gas stove cleaner, It always looks good with this method! I also wipe the grids off every night and then do a regular deep cleansing just by throwing them in the sink and spraying them with Krud Kutter, letting them rest for a few minutes, and then rinsing them off with very hot water.

The key here is that if you clean up the little mess every day, much less thorough cleaning is required!

Cleaning + organization of the refrigerator

before and after organizing the refrigerator

Cleaning and organizing the fridge is one of the smallest and most life-changing tasks ever.

I took This set of fridge organizers along with this lazy Susan and these products alone have totally changed my fridge. I originally thought it would be kind of silly if the eggs had something like a clear egg organizer in my fridge Come with an organizer, but now that it’s here, I think it’s great that I can see at a glance if we’re running out of eggs, and it’s much more stable than the egg crate they come in. Lazy Susan is definitely the MVP here and I think I need about 12 more of them.

Here are my best tips and tricks for cleaning the fridge:

  • Remove all groceries (everything!) And go through everything. Throw away everything that has expired.
  • Spray the inside of the refrigerator with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe away any spilled food.
  • You can put a few paper towels in the bottom of the drawers to catch spills or coarseness – this means less scrubbing for you, and if they get dirty, you can easily replace them!
  • I like to bring things like things together in our organizers. Lazy Susan is for sauces and salad dressing, all things are in one container (jalapeños, peppers, cucumbers, banana peppers … maybe we have a problem ?!), and in another there are all dips and other similar ingredients. Find a system that works for you and stick with it!
  • I like to put all my children’s snacks in one of the drawers. It makes it easy for them to get it themselves and it’s super quick for me to find something. There is no organization in the drawer – we just throw everything in and it seems to work for us. Your family may need more structure than we do, but we’ve been doing this for years!

I like to use to clean the front of the fridge (and all my stainless steel appliances) this method stainless steel cleaner once or twice a week. It removes all fingerprints and waste and makes things look beautiful. When I have wild hair and feel like it needs one deep clean, i love this stainless polisher,

Clean cupboards

Woman cleaning kitchen cabinets

We actually I recently talked about it on the blog!

I’m still new to white closets (I think it’s a whole new ball game compared to darker closets!), But over the past three months I’ve developed a system that works pretty well for me. I generally have three different “levels” of cabinet cleaning:

  • Every day: I usually use a baby wipe every day to remove small fingerprints or stains on the closets. We have some in a drawer on the island and they are really easy to grab. I do that when I make breakfast for the boys or when I clean after dinner.
  • Clean quickly: If I am cleaning I’m going to grab a Clorox cloth and rub the cupboards. It cleans a little more thoroughly than the baby wipe and of course also removes germs. I try to wipe all the closets about once a week (but frankly it’s more like every other week).
  • Deep cleaning: I try to clean my cupboards thoroughly every quarter this cabinet maintenance set, It also protects them from future dirt and grime. If you do this regularly, my daily work will be a little easier!

Favorite Cleaning Tips

Please don’t laugh at me, but I lived as a couple in a house with granite surfaces whole years and was always upset about how cloudy they looked after cleaning before I realized I really needed to use a special granite cleaner.


I finally learned my lesson and never looked back – I always did this method granite cleaner on hand (I love the Apple Orchard scent!) and I use it every night to wipe my counters.

Of course, I also occasionally make a baby wipe when I need quick cleaning because baby wipes are good for everything,

Again and again the corners and angles

Kitchen cleaner

Of course there are a lot more small (crazy annoying) places to clean in the kitchen than just this!

Above is a summary of all of my favorite kitchen cleaning products. From left to right they are:

I also asked my Instagram friends for their best tips and tricks for thoroughly cleaning various places in the kitchen and am summarizing some of the best ideas along with some more of my tips.

Other tips and tricks:

  • Bartender’s friend is great for the sink (and so many other things around the house!)
  • Instead of paper towels, use a microfiber cloth for the counters. It gives a better shine and wastes less paper!
  • A spin mop is your best friend for the floor (I totally agree – I’m obsessed with mine).
  • Get a drip pan for the bottom of the oven or just put a layer of aluminum foil on it. It saves a lot of scrubbing in the long run! (I just ordered this when I wrote this post!)
  • 1 part of Dawn dish soap, 1 part of water and a dash of vinegar seem to be the panacea for almost everything! It was recommended for the oven, counters, backsplash – basically any mess in the kitchen!
  • Is a steamer Great to get out of the hard to reach rooms!
  • Don’t forget your fridge coils! You can use one Dryer vent brush to reach them easily.

Inspiration for deeper cleaning

Do you need further ideas and help for the thorough cleaning of your house? Here are some other posts that could be helpful!

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