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I’ve written about planning your school before – take your time to think Why You homeschool and what would be your ideal day if you could possibly have one.

I also wrote about planning your homeschool. I have shown three different ways that someone could choose school: the Clock Schedule that time block Schedule and the To Do list Time schedule. I mentioned that our family currently prefers them To Do list Time schedule. It works especially well for high schoolers.

I use Trello, a free program and an app to organize our homeschool. Trello is like a bulletin board. Everyone blackboard can be opened to display a list of Cards. Today I will show you how to organize our family’s homeschooling boards using the example of our high school newcomer.

Plan your home school with Trello: How to create a team

First of all, you will Go to Trello and create an account, It’s free. There is a paid version, but not required for individuals – it was created for companies and brands.

You can Just instantly create boards in the personal accounts area. I like to use Trello for different areas of my life and I don’t want all of my boards to be mixed together. To organize my Trello, I created a couple of “teams”.

Here is a screenshot of my Trello teams and boards: (Click on the screenshots to view them in full size.)

A screenshot of my Trello teams and boards that were used for school

To create a “team” (the two teams you see in the screenshot above are “Belle: School” and “Freely Educate” (this site)), click the + sign in the upper right corner of Trello next to your profile picture.

1. Choose Create team

Use Trello to plan homeschool

Second Name the team

Use Trello to plan homeschool

Third Add a member (optional). If you want to share your team with someone else (I share it with our high school belle Belle), click members near the team title (see my screenshot above – members is near the purple Update Button).

SCHEDULE OF YOUR HOMESCHOOL: How to create a Trello board

How to create one blackboard within a teamWork out these steps:

  1. Click on Create a new board in this team (see my screenshot below).
  2. Name the board (My board names are in the screenshot below).
  3. Choose a photo or board color. If, like me, you don’t like clutter or bright colors behind your cards, here’s a tip: Click … (See the three points in the screenshot above) to see more photo and color options. In the search bar I have “White, This gave me a selection of photos with a white background, all white (You will see them below).
  4. click Create board or Start with a template. You can use a template to create the board: Here is a free template created by a university teacher,

Once you’ve created multiple boards, your Trello team looks like this:

Use Trello to plan homeschool

How to add lists to your homeschool board in Trello

Now that your Trello team (e.g. Belle: school) was created and filled with boards (or at least one board). You can add it now lists to each Blackboard.

How to create one list In Trello it is as easy as:

  1. Click on +Add another list,
  2. Name the list.

Here are the lists within the Write Board I created for our daughter:

how to add cards to your homeschool trello boards

As you saw in the screenshots above, our daughter’s homeschooling boards are named by topic and the lists by topic. Now it’s time to add cards (E.g. Joan of Arc) to the lists (E.g. middle age) within the Trello board. (E.g. History).

The cards can be described as anything that is helpful to you. Create them fearlessly – they can be easily archived, moved or copied by moving the mouse over the top right corner of each card.

On this board History, I have created lists for different age groups that I wanted to cover with our daughter in her four school years. I created under each list cards of events that I wanted to discuss with her for every “age”.

How to create one Map:

  1. Click on Add a card
  2. Enter a title for the card
  3. Click on the map you just created
  4. Within the card you can Add a description, label, checklist, and due date, and more.

Below is a map I created for punctuation, with a description (I added a clickable link that I need.) checklist of reading orders and a checklist of punctuation practice.

Use Trello to plan homeschool

How to create a weekly task list for your school

In the article I wrote about planning your homeschool, I mentioned that our family preferred to use a to-do list for homeschooling. Trello helps us with that. Below is a screenshot of how I set up our daughter’s This week Blackboard. Since she is one member of team for this Blackboard, It can also display and tick items.

To repeat a lesson, move the mouse pointer over the top right corner of the map and click Copy or Move to send this card to another list or board.

I hope that was helpful for someone! You can use Trello for other areas of your life that you want to organize. As you can see above, I also use it to organize this website and I use it to save lists of projects, places I want to go on excursions, time management and more.


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