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I used to think that hair oils were only for damaged hair, but they are actually suitable for all hair types. Hair oils are like a daily hair treatment that moisturizes your hair, especially if you have dry, brittle ends. Hair oils are also great for making your hair look particularly smooth and shiny. They also make unruly hair easier to handle and are great for anyone dealing with frizziness.

Looking for the right hair oil? Here are the best hair oils for shiny, frizzy curls:

Best for damaged hair:

A weekly hair mask is not enough to treat damaged hair, especially if your hair is bleached or if you have split ends. Treat your hair daily by applying it Camellia oil serum from innisfree on towel-dried hair. This hair oil is formulated with fermented camellia oil that repairs and strengthens damaged hair. Your strands will also feel softer and shinier.

Best for frizzy hair:

Frizzy hair can be difficult to handle, especially if you live in a humid environment, but it’s manageable with the right hair oil. To tame a constant frizz, choose hair oils that are high in fatty acids and vitamin E, such as argan oil.

You can’t go wrong to get rid of the frizziness TOSOWOONG’s Morocco Argan Hair Oil. With just a few drops of this hair oil, you can say goodbye to hair flying away. Your curls also feel soft and moisturized without feeling greasy or looking.

Best for dry hair:

Dry or even straw-like hair can be a problem in the colder months. As spring approaches, it is important to take good care of your hair so you can start the new season with healthy-looking strands.

The solution for dry hair is to care for it with hair oils Lador’s premium Morocco argan oil. SKINFOODs Argan Oil Silk Plus Hair Essence or My Hair Recipe Oil Serum by innisfree, All of these hair oils are perfect for dry hair because they moisturize your hair from the inside and restore its shine. If you use heat styling tools regularly, these are the best hair oils you can apply before blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair.

Best for fine hair:

For people with fine hair, some hair oils can feel a little too heavy. To avoid greasy hair, it is best to use a light but also nourishing hair oil.

My hair recipe hair mist from innisfree provides your hair with the right amount of moisture without weighing it down. For fine dry hair, use the “moisturizing” hair mist. Use “repairing” hair mist for fine damaged hair. If you have fine curly hair, the “Curl Up” hair mist is ideal as it helps you get one pep to your closures and keeps your curls looking moisturized and springy.

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