Feeling good was good enough for me – the BeZine Spirtuality

When you were sick, all you knew was
Sweet Jesus, the doctor asked last week
“When was the last time you felt good?”
Me and Bobby McGee and I saw black
Roses. Couldn’t lead my way to the good.
Live a Harlem Globetrotter Procession of Deception
Dunks and gasps. Born RH negative all mine
Blood exchanged. Lord, have mercy then
Coughing in bed again and again.
I felt good because I was different early on
Expelled again and again. Turn on the music
And I would play the piano
Rock my outcast soul to peace.

The illness made me hold on to mine
Strange and play it on an Aeolian harp
To court the good places and make myself myself.
Thank you very much, Kris Kristofferson,
Good enough for a life
To share the secrets with you
On the edge of my soul
Strong all the time. Be a pearl
They do it on their own
Well done. Jiving Janis.
Feeling good was good enough for me.

© 2020, Linda Chown

LINDA E. CHOWN grew up in Berkeley, Ca. in the days of the action. Civil rights arrests at Sheraton Palace and Auto Row. BA UC Berkeley Intellectual History; MA Creative Writing SFSU; PHd Comparative Literature University of Washington. Four volumes of poetry. Many poems published online at Numero Cinq, E.mpty mirror. The bezine. Dura, dense head and other. Many articles about Oliver Sachs, Doris Lessing, Virginia Woolf and many others. Twenty years in Spain with friends who have experienced the worst of Franco. I was there during Franco’s reign in Spain (Granada, Conil and Cadiz), the day he died when people took to the streets to celebrate. Interviewed nine major Spanish novelists, including Ana María Matute and Carmen Laforet, and Carmen Martín Gaite. Linda’s Amazon page is HERE,

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