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If you’re looking for the best places to meet girls in Changchun with a dating guide, then look no further. This post provides information on where to pick up single women, as well as many great ideas for an evening date.

In nightlife, this guide starts before we cover topics like meeting individual Changchun girls during the day and the best online dating site in Jilin Province if you want to meet quickly. Towards the end, ideas for a date and a variety of things to do throughout the day are also mentioned.

We have already written many dating guides for cities in China when you are looking for new cities to visit.

Night clubs & pick up bars

Let’s start with a short list of singles bars and night clubs to pick up Changchun girls:

  • The happy home around 1323 Xikang Hutong
  • May Flower Pub at Shangri-La Hotel
  • Three monkeys at Qianjin W St, Chaoyang
  • Timeline
  • WuYue HuaJing Dian at ZiYou Main Road 1481
  • Back Street Man Bar at 15 Chongqing Road
  • LR Lounge Bar in Longli Hutong, 30 m west of Baihui Jie
  • Classic bar at Xian Dalu
  • Wolter bar
  • The second home

This is not a city known for parties and there really is no great bar street or area for the nightlife of singles. However, in the Guilin Lu and Chongqing Lu areas, you will find plenty of places to look for a one-night stand.

Travelers hoping to connect with Changchun girls on their trip should book a hotel in Guilin Lu or Chongqing Lu to be as close to nightlife as possible. Plus the best places for a night out in town and many of the best things to do are nearby.

There is even a popular night club in the area Yatai Jilin Hotel So a stay there would be ideal. Some of you may be interested in meeting girls in Harbin, and if so, we have covered nightlife there before.

Meet Changchun Girls during the day

Once again, Guilin Lu and Chongqing Lu will be the top spots for the daily game. With so many places to drink coffee, eat a meal, or shop, individual Changchun women will travel all day and night.

In addition, you could try to pick up girls in malls and shopping areas, such as:

  • Wanda Plaza
  • Charter mall
  • Xiaoyansha shopping mall

Chat with girls online

Girls near you Changchun Singles nightlife close bars

Technology is constantly changing the dating scene and many guys are struggling to find a girlfriend or just to join. So many people have gotten lost in their cell phones and that’s not good for someone who is interested in dating or laying down in the near future.

Attractive women have never been easy to find, but now they are more difficult. The few times they are out during the day they probably have earphones and in a night club they are either VIP or just hanging out at their own table with some friends.

We all feel that right now, but we can’t just give up now, can we? It has been shown that you can quickly and easily meet girls in your area online at any time.

The best dating site to meet single girls in Changchun online is China Love Cupid, and it is the best wing man a man could want in these modern times. There are many single women in Jilin Province who use it while we speak.

Why should you put on your best clothes, queue for an hour to get to a club, and spend a lot of money when the hottest girls in the VIP area are impossible to reach? Your time can be spent much more efficiently by looking at dating site profiles and sending messages to all the attractive women that match your ideas.

China Love Cupid can get you in touch with more girls near you in an hour than in a month of clubbing, and one thing you should never forget is that dating is a numbers game. The more you contact, the more you will reply, and the more you answer, the more you will join or meet on a date.

The dating scene has changed a lot thanks to technology, but at least it has brought us online dating to get this uncomfortable first step out of the way as quickly and easily as possible.

Where to go in Changchun, meet girls online

Changchun Dating Guide

We have just described the best ways to meet single girls near you, and now we want to share our Changchun dating guide. Getting a number is always great, but now you have to show her a good time on your date night if you want to have a chance to get laid.

Try to bring them to one of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars:

  • Yue chinese restaurant at 1777 Yongshun Rd, Sheraton Hotel
  • Fixed signature restaurant at 1777 Yongshun Rd, Sheraton Hotel
  • Xiangyang Do at 433 East ChaoYang Rd
  • Dou Lao Best Barbecue at 2478 Jianshe St.
  • Laogen Liu Grand Stage at 8, Shanghai Rd, Kuancheng District
  • Heping Daxiyuan at 433 East ChaoYang Rd

As you can see, there are some of the best places to date The Sheraton So it would not be a bad idea to stay there.

Day date ideas

If you can, it is always advisable to spend a sunny day. Here are some great places to share the good weather outdoors:

  • World Sculpture Park
  • Nanhu Park
  • Jìngyuetan National Forest Park
  • Shengli Park
  • Peony garden
  • Zoological & Botanical Gardens

Go hiking and exploring Changbai Mountain and don’t miss Heavenly Lake. To get a better feel for the culture and history of Jilin Province, try the following:

  • Puppet Imperial Palace (Wei Huang Gong)
  • The Manchukuo Imperial Palace Museum
  • Changchun Palace Geological Museum
  • Banruo Temple
  • Tombs of the ancient Koguryo kingdom

If you find the right girl for a weekend getaway, try somewhere in Macau or Guangzhao.

Tips for tourists & new expats

Now we just want to share a few travel tips before we pack this dating and DJing guide. You are just coming around 7 yuan for each USD at the time of publication.

Remember to book yours Hotel in Guilin Lu and Chongqing Lu to be so close to the best nightlife for singles and many of the city’s best activities. A well-placed room can make it much more likely that you’ll meet up with Changchun girls on your trip.

check-Out this link to see a map of the subway system. When trying to meet girls in Jilin Province, the biggest problem will likely be the language difference. So remember to speak slowly and use common words.

Foreign men in this country often find it easy to meet or meet with girls because those who agree to date with them are very interested in foreigners. That means you don’t have to use fancy gaming techniques that you may have read about online.

Just be nice, smile a lot, don’t raise your voice and be an overall friendly person. Respect the personal space and imitate the actions that the locals carry out in conversation with others.

Make yourself comfortable and you will see them again soon or maybe even stay that night.

Have fun dating with Changchun Girls

Well folks, we have nothing more to share with you today. We have to admit that we don’t come to this city very often. Please let us know when the content we posted in the comments is out of date.

These single women in Jilin Province are active with China Love Cupid and are waiting for new men to meet with them. This summarizes our best places to meet girls in Changchun with our dating guide. Enjoy your time here.

Connect Changchun Women Dating Guide Jilin Province

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