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I should have known that if I had a baby I would be obsessed with buying new clothes for them. But I’ve found that so many stores sell their baby clothes for so much money. I can’t justify spending $ 45 on a baby that will grow from it in less than 3 months! So I started looking for Amazon baby clothes and was not disappointed. Some of the clothes I found are even cuter than what you would find in the store, at a fraction of the price!

Amazon baby clothes Haul

Amazon baby clothes Haul cute baby clothes Amazon

Here is a selection of the cute Amazon baby clothes I’ve bought for Everly in the past 8 months. Just look at how cute they are! The frills, patterns and styles are so cute. I love the super girly mood. These outfits give you a high-end look for a fraction of the cost. They are more unique than what you would find in a chain store like Walmart or Target!

But with clothes you also need accessories! I’ve also customized some of my favorite baby shoes and bows / headbands for you!

Amazon baby clothes Haul cute baby clothes Amazon

Baby accessories

Baby shoes

What’s cuter than a pair of little baby shoes? Not much, I would say! I see shoes in this style that sell for 4x as much as this one on Amazon! So if you want to have the same style for your little one without a price tag, you should grab some of them!

Baby leggings & tights

I think this is a necessity for little girls! I can never put on socks everly, so leggings save the day. They also look so cute among all of these fun romper outfits that I’m showing you today! I love these multi packs, which are available in different colors.

Baby bows

Because Everly is so bald, I always have a bow on her head, haha. In addition, girls with bows just look so darn cute! There are some fun bow shops on Etsy and Instragram, but you’ll find that you pay around $ 15 for 3 bows. These packs on Amazon have between 10 and 20 sheets at the same price! They are of the same quality as the more expensive shops! They would also make a great baby shower gift. You can never have too many bows!

Baby girl outfit inspiration

Here are some cute outfits I’ve put together! Once you get some basic groceries like leggings, bows, and shoes, putting together some outfits with these Amazon baby dresses is easy and adorable. You can’t go wrong!

Amazon baby clothes Haul cute baby clothes Amazon

Outfit # 1

Amazon baby clothes Haul cute baby clothes Amazon

Outfit # 2

Amazon baby clothes Haul cute baby clothes Amazon

Outfit # 3

Amazon baby clothes Haul cute baby clothes Amazon

Outfit # 4

Amazon baby clothes Haul cute baby clothes Amazon

Outfit # 5

Some more cute Amazon baby clothing finds:

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