Standard school – The father hatter Unschooling

Or why choose public school?

“So why are you going to school?” That is the quintessence of the question that has been asked several times for every homeschooler. The answers vary from family to family, which is not surprising given the variety of ideas and experiences within the homeschooling community. In return, however, it is rare that the question is turned around and that families who choose a public school are asked to justify and explain this decision.

Despite its relatively young foundation, at least in the broader perspective of human history, public education is considered the standard by the vast majority of the population. Public education is normal, public education is As it should be, It is a basic face of childhood, and those who do not follow this path are often considered to be different from the normal way of doing things.

The simple fact, however, is that learning in the natural environment of a family and in everyday life means that every child begins their journey to understand the world around them. Children begin their lives by learning everything about them. How to eat, how to move, how to communicate. They learn to walk and speak and ask questions as soon as they know how. They observe and research and experiment and thereby grow enormously. Indeed, acquiring a child’s mother tongue with no prior knowledge and no lessons beyond immersion is an incredible accomplishment that few, if any, will achieve later in their lives.

Right from the start, children were conceived as amazingly efficient learning machines. That is what she does to doIn modern society, however, it is assumed that a formal, structured public education system is the normal learning path. I hope the separation is clear.

We need to appreciate the natural drive to learn children are born with and stop assuming that public school should be the default. Learning happens everywhere.

I don’t want to suggest that no one should send their children to public school. There are many good reasons for many families to do just that. But I am Claim that our society needs to rethink how we see learning and schooling and how we make decisions about these aspects of life. We need to appreciate the natural drive to learn children are born with and stop assuming that public school should be the default. Learning happens everywhere. If anything, schooling should be the default, and other ways, such as: B. public or private schools should only be seen as something if there are very strong and compelling reasons. The opposite of how most people seem to see educational choices these days.

Perhaps this change is already taking place in part, although it is difficult to say. Certainly, the number of homeschoolers has grown significantly in recent years, although it is difficult to say exactly why and it could come from places that are very different from a changing philosophy of how and why children learn.

At least for my part, I’m done explaining why we chose school because we ended the day Not, Natural learning, unschooling, homeschooling, whatever you want to call it, The is the default. And when I see my children exploring and conquering new areas of knowledge and pursuing things that really fascinate them, I see no reason to give them up.

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