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Valentine’s Day is approaching (quickly!). I have some Valentine’s Day activities in the works for kids (check back soon!). In the meantime, I share mine Free Free Valentine Fonts to get you into the mood of February 14th … I think these would be pretty great for home-made Valentines, party invitations, lunch notes at Valentine’s Day School, Valentine’s Day decorations, and of course some Valentine’s Day handicrafts!

Free Free Valentine Fonts

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Free Free Valentine Fonts

Alex Brush, Pacifico, Treibsand, Lover’s Quarrel, Architects Daughter, Risque, Kaushan Script, Parisienne, Simply Glamerous, Elephant and Bergamont Ornament are available for free download from Font Squirrel. The final font – Bergamont Ornament – is a symbol font that I think gives great pop to the Valentines (and birthday invitations).

I would also recommend my post “Free children’s handwriting for children” for valentines (since children’s handwriting just feels like Valentine’s Day).

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Countdown calendar for Valentine's Day

And while we’re smart, my Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar (previously released) is the perfect FREE expression to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day activities.


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