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Admission to Delta State University, Abraka : Nigerian Education

Gone are the days when state universities in Nigeria played the second violin compared to federal universities. The bitter truth is that becoming a DELSU becomes more difficult with every academic session. In this post we will show you the secret of how you can easily get into the DELSU without burdening yourself as long as you follow the steps below.

You will not only learn how you can be included in the DELSU yourself with a low JAMB score, but also how you can apply for the DELSU Post UTME and DE forms relatively easily using the information in this article ,

Would you like to be one of the candidates who will finally be admitted to Delta State University? Don’t worry, we’ve written extensively, the strategy others have followed to easily qualify for DELSU (Delta State University), all that’s required of you is to follow the rules and you’re so good like already DELSU student.

Nowadays it’s about going online and typing on Google how to enroll in DELSU, and various options appear. There has been a lot of discussion about how to successfully join DELSU recently with a low JAMB score. In this article, however, we will easily understand a breakdown by O’level, JAMB registration, UTME and screening exercise and a resumption of lectures even for the first candidate.

Many candidates make a big mistake when choosing a university. You have made a wrong decision without considering your catchment area. The truth that many would not tell you is that if you are not a federal university, you will have less chance of being admitted to the DELSU if you do not fall within its catchment area.

Didn’t you wonder why most of the students are in DELSU Igbos, especially from the Anambra area? Why most students in UI and other southwestern universities from Oyo, Osun, Ogun, and the like? Whether you like it or not, it won’t stop that quickly. Universities will accept more candidates from their states and catchment areas before considering candidates from other states. So if you want to be admitted to the DELSU in this academic session and are from the Delta, Edo or disadvantaged states in Nigeria, this is the first step. If you want to make this dream come true, choose DELSU first and second choice of preferred institution during the UTME registration exercise.

The contradiction to the paragraph above is one of the main reasons that candidates passed JAMB and published UTME with good results and the admission was nevertheless refused, although the admission is based on merit, this does not always happen because the ideology of the catchment area always influences that JAMB has admission procedures.

You have to stick to the rules, if you take the DELSU admission seriously, we can examine the basic requirements for admission to the Delta State University.

DELSU catchment area: Before you select Delta State University (DELSU) as your preferred institution for your JAMB registration, it is recommended that you be in the DELSU catchment area to have a better chance of admission.

Admission to the DELSU will be easier if applicants are informed that the admission is also based on catchment areas. The list of the 6 states classified among the DELSU catchment areas can be found below.

So if you fall under the above ranges, you will have a better chance of admission if you only exceed the DELSU minimum score for the current academic session.

Would you like to be counted among the candidates who are finally admitted to the DELSU (Delta State University)? As already mentioned, we will summarize the information on DELSU’s Post-UTME and tell you how you can be successfully accepted into school.

Admission requirements for DELSU

Many candidates ask “How can I easily enroll in DELSU?“First of all, what we tell them is that when you register for UTME, you make DELSU your first choice for an institution. It would be disastrous if you made them your second choice for a university as this will automatically result in your admission being lost even before you sit for JAMB because DELSU doesn’t 2. Accept candidates. Please note.

a) Score above the DELSU JAMB cut-off mark

If you did a DELSU admission survey, many would say that if you could only get up to 170 points and more, you could get an admission. You are right because The JAMB cut-off mark approved by DELSU is 170 and since this is the case on paper, but honestly, you need to score at least 230 points or more to have a chance if you are serious about being accepted into the DELSU without any problems.

b) Minimum age

Candidates who are under 16 years of age are not eligible to participate in DELSU’s Post-UTME. So make sure you meet the age requirements as this would make your admission to DELSU easier

Keep in mind that the DELSU minimum score is 270, not 200, so you can work towards getting that score. As a man thinks, he is like that. See for yourself how you can score 270 points or more and work hard on it. You will be surprised by this amazing strategy. It worked for many, it can work for you too.

c) Complete O-level topics:

Another strategy to get easily admitted to Delta State University (DELSU) is to make sure your o’level is complete. You must have at least 5 credit cards, which must contain math and English, and may only SIT ONCE, as DELSU does not accept 2 sessions in O’Level.

The higher your grades are, the better your chances are. Candidates with A or B in math and English and the other relevant subjects have higher chances than candidates with only C throughout. However, all are taken into account for Post-UTME.

d) Proper combination of subjects:

With the right combination of subjects, entry into the DELSU is made easier. Candidates with the wrong combination of subjects have already lost 50% of their chances of being admitted to the DELSU. DELSU is a prestigious state university. The admission slot is very competitive, so small mistakes jeopardize your chances of admission to this university. You can view the list of all courses approved by JAMB and their subject combinations so as not to become a victim.

These are the key admission requirements and strategies for obtaining DELSU that must be followed before you register for the post-UTME exam.

How do I get admission to DELSU (Delta State University)?

In detail is now the information that every candidate who wants to be admitted to the DELSU wants to know.

1) DELSU Post UTME registration:

If you meet the above requirements, you are automatically entitled to take part in the DELSU Post-UTME registration exercise. The DELSU online registration fee is two thousand Naira (N2,000) according to the order of JAMB. You need to register online by following the underlined registration procedure:


STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: Click Apply for Admission

STEP 3: Click on Start

STEP 4: Select screening exercise

Step 5: Click Apply and fill out the form with the valid JAMB registration number

STEP 6: Submit the form and generate the PIN

Step 7: Print out the generated PIN

Step 8: Visit one of the banks listed for payment or pay online

LAST STEP: After payment, return to to print out the confirmation form.

After following the steps above, you will need to wait for the correct date for the Post-UTME screening test to be released.

2) Type of follow-up examination according to UTME:

Many have asked about the DELSU Post-UTME exam format. The DELSU Post-UTME exam is carried out with C.B.T. (Computer Based Test).

3) Number of POST UTME questions to be answered

Before you know the number of questions included in the post-UTME screening, note that the questions about the Computer Base Test (CBT) consist of three subjects, which include the following subjects:

  • mathematics
  • English language
  • General paper

4) Frequently asked questions under General Paper?

Are you writing the Post-UTME exam for the first time? Then you need to know that the questions in the general paper contain current issues. We advise you to buy a current book for 1,000 naira at the DELSU bookstores.

The total number of questions in the post-UTME questionnaire would total forty (40) questions. Here is a breakdown of the numbers by subject:

  1. Mathematics – 10 questions
  2. English language – 15 questions
  3. Current or general paper – 15 questions

The three subjects apply to all candidates, regardless of the course offered. The questions can be asked in any format. It is therefore recommended to prepare appropriately for the exams.

5) Examination period:

When you come to the exam room, you will surely have to wait a few minutes / hours before the exam begins. However, at the beginning of the exam you have 30 minutes to answer all 40 questions. So don’t take too much time to answer just one question. You have had less than a minute to answer a question for thirty minutes.

Calculation of the DELSU POST UTME screening score

This phase is aimed at successful applicants who, after composing the Post-UTME, want to confirm that they meet their departmental cut-off mark. Here’s how the Post-UTME Score is calculated:

Your jamb score divided by 8 plus (+) Your UTME score divided by 2. Note that DELSU’s UTME score is over 100.

How to approach your questions: Tips you must use to be included in DELSU without any problems

a) Prepare appropriately:

Proper preparation is essential to approach your post-UTME screening exam. Being ready gives you confidence and helps you remember everything you need to learn. You need to focus on your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses. There are other proven ways that candidates can easily walk past UTME. The methods are tested and trustworthy, they go through many secrets, how to pass on to UTME, were uncovered there.

b) You must be time-conscious:

When you write your post-UTME screening test, time is essential. If you schedule yourself correctly because you don’t assign the same minutes to each question, you may not be able to try to answer even simpler questions.

Most schools are used to asking more difficult questions to waste the applicant’s time. It is best to try the simpler questions and skip the difficult ones. When you’re done, you can try the more difficult questions, as everyone scores the same points.

c) Be positive

This is where the power of positive thinking works for you. Be positive and optimistic about the outcome of the Post-UTME result and you would be surprised how this works.

In summary, it can be said that candidates who seriously want to know how to get admission to DELSU (Delta State University) can use the above information. You would be amazed if you saw your name on the list of admissions for the next DELSU.

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