What is Conversion Rate Optimization? A quick start guide Blogging Tips

Business owners typically focus on driving new traffic to websites, content, and landing pages.

The goal? More sales.

But what if you could? 3x sales without new traffic at all?

Well you can and here’s how it works:

Optimize your website for conversions using the basic Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) principles.

Here is the good news:

Getting started is easier than you might think. In this post, you’ll learn what conversion rate optimization is, how it can boost your website sales, where to start your blog, and more.

Let’s dive right into:

What is conversion rate optimization?

Optimizing the conversion rate, also known as a CRO, is a process that allows users to take action on a website. By changing certain elements of a page, a company increases its chances of achieving a “conversion” and turning a visitor into a lead.

Conversions don’t just happen in one place. You can happen
on a price page, a homepage, a landing page or a blog. By simply optimizing
The leads begin to flow on these pages for a higher number of conversions
in the.

To get these conversions, however, you need to go through
the process of CRO.

How can
Are you increasing your website sales?

Your website conversion rate should be a key element
Your online sales strategy. Even if you don’t explain it, it makes a big profit
Affect your website sales. After all, if you never turn them
Include prospects in your buyers at an efficient price
all of your digital sales and marketing efforts?

When you optimize your conversion rate, you maximize
on the traffic that is already coming to your website. Instead of having to pay
To bring in more traffic, just use the traffic you have
have more effective.

With a proper CRO, the percentage of your potential customers who take action increases. Then it is The percentage of potential customers who become paying customers will increase, If you can double or triple your conversion rates, you’ll see more qualified leads, more sales, and more revenue.

Where do I start with your blog?

The 80/20 Rule is a concept that comes from Vilfredo Frederico Damaso Pareto. According to legend, one day this man noticed that 20 percent of the pea plants in his garden produced 80 percent of the healthy pods. After similar patterns were found in sales and production, the general concept became as follows:

80 percent of all results will come from 20
Percent of actions entered or taken. “

This rule can be applied to CRO.

When you start your blog, it’s easy to pour
all of you. After the content is available for a while, you will likely do it
Note that around 20 percent of your blog posts contribute 80 percent

It is also likely that 20 percent of your traffic
Contribute 80 percent of the conversion. Do you see where we’re going?

You want to be as effective as possible in your CRO
Increase this profitable 20 percent:

  • The 20 percent of the page sections that get the most
  • The 20 percent of your viewers who are most likely
    to buy
  • The 20 percent of the content that bring in 80 percent
    the conversions

These are your key pages and your key elements.

Your key pages and elements

To start CRO, you must first identify the key
Pages and areas within pages that convert the most. Find the
Information can be difficult, but Google Analytics makes it easy.

Google Analytics is a great tool that offers
a detailed look at who visits your site, how they behave and
Which areas are the most active? It gives you insight into:

  • How a visitor interacts with your website
  • When and where you leave the website
  • Which sides thrive while others fight

It can also provide heat maps that contain additional data
about how your pages and content are consumed.

Once you have collected your data, you want to search for trends
and patterns among the results. If you highlight the trends, you’ll see which ones
Pages and elements of your website that you should pay attention to. in the
In addition to what you find, you can also consider these high impact areas
to test:

  • Product Comparison Chart
  • Pros and cons list in mini product reviews
  • CTA buttons – copy, color, placement
  • Images – product images vs. no product images, illustration vs. Photo etc.

From here you have to build your hypotheses
describes your upcoming tests as you immerse yourself in the CRO meat and potatoes.
For example, you could hypothesize that the shortening of a particular shape increases
Purchases by a certain percentage since the check-out process is carried out
so much smoother.

You can start with A / B with your hypotheses

What is A / B test and how can you implement it?

A / B tests are also known as split tests. This method is used
two (or three or four) versions of a website page to see which version
performs better. The performance is assessed according to a previously formulated
Hypothesis. This is how the A / B process works:

  • You select the element to be tested
  • You’re making a small change that you think will improve conversions
  • You test the control (original version) against the variant (the new version) by sending half of your traffic to one place and half to the other
  • You can see the conversion rate data on each page
  • Whichever page has had a higher conversion is the version that is displayed on the website
  • Repeat this with slightly different angles or elements

One of the best parts of the A / B test is that it sets theory aside and examines what actually works with your traffic – no more shots in the dark. Now you can see the evidence for yourself.

Note: A / B test functions can be found in various marketing tools. From email list plugins and landing page creators to email marketing services. But do you have to use paid tools? No – if you want to test A / B test pages on your website you can start using them Google Optimize – it’s free.

Your A / B test data

After your split test has been running for a while (maybe a month or
So you should have enough data to get an idea of ​​how the hypothesis works

You don’t just want to see pageviews. Remember: what
This is about converting traffic, not the amount
of the traffic you get. Rather, you want to look at the pageviews AND the total number

This cannot be just any click. This must be THE click
that turns a visitor into a lead. This could be a “buy now”
Button, or it could be an email opt-in form. Whatever type of conversion you are
Searching here is what you should measure.

Using the hypothesis created above that shortening a
Billing form would increase buyer conversion, let’s take a look at:

The percentage of visitors who completed the purchase
Process on the original version against visitors who have completed the purchase process
on the new version.

To achieve this, we have to divide the total number
Visitors by number of completed buyers.

Then we can compare the two conversion percentages to see
if our hypothesis were correct.

Get to
Conclusions & progress for success

After you have completed some A / B tests, you will see how
A lot of CRO can affect your bottom line. You can create better versions
from your websites and slowly transform all of your online conversion results.

Realize that this must be an integral part of you
Marketing strategy.

In the further course we would like to give you some final tips
Optimize your website further and increase your business.

Here are three tips for further development
with CRO:

  1. Think creatively about your website. For example, you can try adding text CTAs to blog posts or include lead flows in a blog. Be creative on how to optimize your conversion rate based on your user interaction.
  2. Prioritize your CRO using the 80/20 rule. Remember to spend your time with the 20 percent who produce about 80 percent of the results.
  3. Get someone to do CRO. If you don’t have the role in the team yet, add one!


While it may sound pretty overwhelming at first, only
Remember that CRO boils down to a fine-tuned process. Once the process
and workflow are all set up, you have a smooth and optimized site.
And building your process becomes a lot easier after going through the top of the process
line CRO training program.

By creating a CRO process that works for everyday use
In the reality of your company, you will prepare for success. Instead of
Focus on generating new traffic for your sales team to convert
Maximize traffic with CRO.

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