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It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of the year, rat face masks become hot cakes that people grab. The novel corona virus, which is spreading furiously all over the world, makes the moment difficult. Many NONAGON friends have to stay at home throughout the Luna New Year. It is the worst time, the winter of despair. Still, it’s the best time, the spring of hope. We sincerely wish all of our friends to stay healthy and positive. Together we will face challenges and overcome difficulties.

There are also many things you can do inside. This article is about how to enjoy your moments of loneliness, and it presents two ways you can spend your day.

Leave those reservations that you shouldn’t eat in bed for now and let the perfect combination of brunch cure you in bed. It doesn’t just mean relaxed, cozy, or relaxed, it’s a reward that a traditional breakfast or lunch has nothing to do with it. Treat yourself to the most relaxing in the coolest place, the therapeutic effect will double.

An easy-to-prepare brunch with a rich diet and less soup seems to be the better choice for eating in bed. A bowl of lettuce, a bowl of two slices of toast with avocado, bacon and a fried egg, a bowl of muesli or Greek yogurt with berries and a cup of hot, mild coffee – nothing can start the day better than this set. You can easily finish the meal preparation with your daily kitchenware and have the ingredients you need right at hand. Benefit from these online food delivery apps.

Frankly, eating in bed is a challenge. Are you afraid of eating in bed and could stain your sheets? A tray or serving board can gently compensate for the inconvenience. It is beneficial to highlight the meal and keep crumbs off the bed.

Last but not least, you should add your favorite reading material. This cool brunch doesn’t have to be over when the last bite is ready. Leaning back in a comfortable position and reading a magazine or novel that you like is the way we encourage you.

It is generally believed that creativity thrives in moments of loneliness. If you do not allow yourself to be distracted by the outsiders, you will open the inner world further. Being alone is a great time to explore an artistic business: writing a novel, learning to paint, playing the guitar, developing a new song, taking pictures, and so on.

You may be wondering why we recommend a planner in the first place? As a planner, you need to have several basic and important skills to be artistic, from writing, composing, painting to planning. A personal diary can reflect your personal style and help you keep track of tasks and get what you need.

Before you start, choose a notebook that you prefer. Choosing a planner can certainly be difficult as there are all sorts of diaries on the market. The simple but crucial principle is to choose one that primarily meets your own requirements. That means you have to ask yourself what you want to keep a diary for. For time management, for the daily to-do list, for writing down your life or for travel notes? Once you know what you’re doing, you know exactly what you need. Easy to carry, enough space for writing and drawing, more standard sections for guiding or a loose leaf notebook make the difference.

One of the main characteristics of a perfect planner is the composition. The composition is all about the arrangement of structural blocks, which are also called columns. If you can imagine exactly what you want from the layout, you can start with a ruler and various pens and simply draw what you need. If it seems daunting (which is usually the case for beginners), borrow someone from Instagram, Pinterest, or Flicker. This is a good and effective way to start your planning business by imitating other successful “plannerista”.

Washi tapes, charming stickers, funny stamps, multiple pens, highlighters and sticky notes are also indispensable components of a good planner. The colorful decoration can correct text errors and make the page lively and advantageous. The great use of colors and labels can, however, impair viewing pleasure. Leave it as the finishing touch seems to be a wise choice.

Loneliness is a time of emotional and creative stimulation, reflection or the development of a new business idea. Appreciating the time you spend with yourself is the first and most important step to really enjoy each other’s company.

Let us know your way in the comments below to enjoy moments at home!

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