Self-worship or self-sacrifice? Christian Fashion

We live in the age of narcissism. We love celebrities, resort vacations, Fifth Avenue brands, and quirky entertainment. We quickly employ rich systems, mortgages, credit cards, cosmetic surgery, and medication.

With smartphones everyone can access the self-centered utopia.

Who can we blame for our ongoing misfortune in this divine world of yoga classes and environmental ethics products, exotic health food and life therapy sessions? We are tempted to scapegoat our parents and history. However, we believe that with sufficient self-sufficiency and human rights, we can overcome human problems.

The same self-worshipers become self-centered fanatics, hippies, feminists, homosexuals or transgender people. The rebellion of all natural and moral restraint is a final attempt to break the glass ceiling of human imperfection.

Of course, these lifestyles end in frustration. Reality wins over the grandiose imagination. Man cannot be separated from his creator or his nature. We are all broken sinners. We all bear the shortcomings of original sin. We cannot be free or happy until we submit to the truth and commandments.

We should think about the Christian world! When we return to God, we find our beginning and our end. The beautiful bond of vocation marks every action as glorious. St. Therese “Small trail” is a perfect example. She discovered the layers of perfection that exist in a tiny act that is performed with total abandonment. Self-sacrifice enables us to rise above the curse of sin. Saint Francis threw away the worldliness and said: “Lord, let me be an instrument of your peace.”

Only in a Christian civilization of natural and moral laws can we respect the inalienable rights of the individual.

We especially admire human actions, those who fight for civilization and those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

“Nobody has greater love than this for a man to lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

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