How To Make Real Estate Sweet This February Interior Design

Buying or selling a house is an emotional process. Maybe you sell because of a job transfer and leave a lot of friends and family behind. Or maybe shrink after the kids go to college. Maybe you plan to buy your first home and have a baby on the way. No matter how you cut it, buying or selling a home is a big deal. Despite the fact that many people want to make it a purely transactional event, there is a lot of energy in this monumental event. Every step is full of memories, adventure, sadness, fear, chaos and excitement, and all of this can happen in one day!

The bottom line is you will never buy or sell for black and white transactional reasons. You make decisions based on your family, your career, your health and your partnerships. And when it comes to your home, you will always find an important ingredient at the heart of these decisions. love, It is the only emotion that does what it wants and gives with ruthless devotion (if you allow it). I mean, just think of the time when you met “the one”. Good sir, nothing changes the routine, breaks your mold or weakens your knees like love. How about the moment you met your first child? And your second one? Did you ever think you could ever love someone so much, someone you never met? What about the joy that a child gives you when you experience life through its eyes and perspective?

Love drives us wild, makes our hearts beat faster, and turns us into bubbling idiots because we can’t control how we feel about it. And none of you reading this would change that because that’s the point of love. Our houses are the glue that connects us and offers space for everything. Your home brings your family together, keeps you going through the good times, and provides a safe space in the really bad times.

This February, when we celebrate the month of all love things, I encourage all of you to take a moment to accept everything you have and thank you for everything your home has to offer. Enjoy a great family meal, share your day and share a sweet treat with laughter and tears.

Below I’ve put together a great list of my favorite bakeries to make you a little sweeter with your family this February! (And don’t forget that my Feng Shui love course is on offer until February 21!)

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