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How to get to the Laguna Beach pirate tower in California and why you and your kids will love the stunning Victoria Beach in Laguna. CA.

Last year, when I was looking for activities in Southern California with the kids, I came across a very peculiar place: a Rapunzel-style tower with a view of a breathtaking beach.

The tower seemed to be from a Disney movie, but the location on the beach immediately revealed that this was not part of Disneyland, but something else.

My curiosity was piqued and I decided that the “Pirate Tower of Laguna Beach” would be our next destination. After a day at the San Clemente Outlets, we spent one of the best afternoons of our vacation in California.

Laguna Beach pirate tower at sunset with overlay text

What is the Laguna Beach Pirate Tower?

The first thing I wanted to find out about this tower was its origin and use.

Because of its location in Orange CountyThe Laguna Beach Tower was unlikely to be left over from a medieval castle, and in fact the history of the tower is still quite young.

Apparently it was built in the 20th century and not to protect a castle from attack or to hide a princess hated by an evil witch, but to connect the house above the buff to the beach.

Yes, you read that right: the pirate tower on Laguna Beach is nothing more than an artistic, private staircase to the sea!

Interesting facts about the history of the Laguna Beach Tower: The tower is often referred to as “La Tour”, French for “the tower”. It is said (read it Here) that both the tower and the house above it were built in a style reminiscent of that of Normandy in northern France, where the original owners had spent a lot of time.

However, this does not affect the beauty, but makes it less interesting from the perspective of the casual visitor.

The tower is beautiful, the beach out of this world is beautiful, and the mix of tower, waves, and California coastline is so powerful that this is considered one of your favorite places to eat in the area.

More information about the tower and its history can be found on the Laguna Beach official website. Here.

How to find Victoria Beach + where to park

The Laguna Beach Pirate Tower is located in a hidden corner of Victoria Beach, a beautiful sandy bay along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Victoria Beach is located in the area of ​​Laguna Beach and between Laguna itself and Dana Point, directly in the south.

Finding the beach is pretty easy.

We simply placed it on Google Maps and quickly found the right place along Highway 1: If you drive north from Dana Point, you will find the beach on your left.

Good points of reference are Ruby’s Diner off Victoria Beach if you’re from the south, and Dizz’s As Is, which is the closest to the actual beach access.

Although not very clearly stated, it is hard to miss: the presence of something special is made very clear by the several cars parked on the side of the road!

Good to know: Most of the stretches along Highway 1 are chargeable and chargeable: bring quarters to pay for parking!

To get to the actual beach, it is best to join the others and carefully park the car on the right side of the highway.

From here you go back a few meters, then follow the road under the bridge and follow the slope of the coast towards the beach.

House overlooking Victoria Beach, Laguna Brook, California

To go down we followed a staircase, but on the way back we found a stepless road that went up again.

In both cases, you can get to the beach from a series of stunning and jealous private homes (frankly, the trip is just worth it to dream what it would be like to live here!).

How to find the pirate tower on the beach

Once you get a foothold on sandy Victoria Beach, you can look around, not see the tower, and conclude that you are in the wrong place, but not!

The tower is immediately hidden to your right. To get there, head towards the water and then turn right: you will see a round pool and the tower in front of you!

Have to know: Victoria Beach is tidal and you can only reach the tower at low tide. Please be careful here: the current and the waves can be very strong. If access does not seem easy or you think you will be hit by the flood, do not risk it!

Visit the Laguna Pirate Tower with children

The tower is an unexpected sight and a real hit for children. My two are not particularly into pirates or castles and knights, but they had a real WOOOOW when the tower appeared!

It is really special.

The tower of Laguna Beach as it first appears from Victoria Beach

The tower is tall and narrow, has a circular shape and a pointed roof, which is very reminiscent of the early medieval architecture in Ireland (strangely similar to the tower in Glendalough!).

The special thing about it, however, is the position and the colors.

The tower is right next to high cliffs that plunge into the ocean and is the same color as the rock, which almost blends into the nature around it!

This mimetic character and the strong presence of the ocean make the tower almost a vision: as much as your brain knows that this is just a flight of stairs, the tower only reminds me of old stories, and I couldn’t help but get lost in my fantasies who look at him!

Little girl on Victoria Beach, Laguna, California, at sunset
Victoria Beach, Laguna, California is fun for kids too, be careful with these waves!

Other things to do in Victoria Beach, Laguna

The tower is the most beautiful thing you can see here on Victoria Beach if you exclude the beach itself, which is absolutely beautiful!

When you go in, the beach is quite small.

It is protected by a hill and several breathtaking houses overlook this small bay.

It is clearly a wealthy place to live, the houses have the distinctive Orange County, the architect-designed design and they are really beautiful.

Here, the sand is soft, the Pacific is mighty, and if you look south, you can see a long stretch of sand that stretches forever along the Orange County coast and beautiful southern California.

When we arrived we found several people playing volleyball on the beach (they had their own network, there are no facilities here) and many children playing in the sand, as well as some tourists taking pictures of the tower.

Unlike other California beaches, Victoria Beach has no surfers or swimmers.

The waves here crash violently on the shore and while we found people braving the water to swim, surfing or bodyboarding is unsafe and not allowed.

For us it was a perfect beach for a late afternoon.

Even though I was a little frustrated that I hadn’t let them in the water, the kids loved playing with the sand and I spent hours watching the seabirds glide across the water.

This is the perfect California beach for a romantic stroll, a meditative afternoon, a picnic, a sandcastle, or just to take a break and dream what it would be like to live here and this view on your doorstep every day of the year to have.

Good to know: Along the highway, just above the beach, there are several restaurants, restaurants and cafes. However, this is not an easy route and you may need to get back in the car. If you want to spend the day, I recommend packing a picnic, otherwise you can lose your coveted parking space!

I hope you enjoyed this short post about visiting Victoria Beach and the Pirate Tower of Laguna Beach, and it inspired you to spend a beach afternoon in California.

Safe travel!

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