Online blog and annual results report – annual review 2019 Family Travel

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Have you ever wondered how much money bloggers make? We share our latest online annual report to let you know how much money our blog has made and how we did it!

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Pete and Heather on California beach

2019 has been an amazing year in our life and business, and we’re happy with how much money we’ve made from our online business.

We accomplished some big things in our business in 2019, but we didn’t accomplish enough in some areas. I think that’s life. Personally, I don’t like to miss out on anything, but now I can only focus on the future!

If you’ve read one of our other income reports, you already have a good idea of ​​what our business is about and how we do our online business.

I am the primary responsible for marketing and coordinating the backend of our online course business, while Heather creates most of the content for the blog, courses and social media platforms.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. We receive a commission from our partners when you click on one of our partner links and purchase a product or service from one of our partners. Please consider our confidentiality Policy for details.

Our online business consists of two parts that generate revenue:

The blog: You are currently there. We mainly blog about luxury family travel and blog about tips and training.

Our online course business: We offer training for thousands of students each year to help them with their blogs and online businesses.

We have numerous Facebook groups and a new online forum community, which are crucial for our online success. Our focus is on creating as much value as possible in our communities, and our students, in turn, trust us that we can provide them with what they need to start their own blogs or online businesses and ultimately the kind of life to lead who they really want to lead for themselves.

2019 was very busy for me personally. So busy, in fact, that I haven’t had an income report since August 2019. From March 2017 to August 2019, I created a detailed monthly income report with more than 4000 words every month (that’s 2.5 years in a row). I loved it, but it was also very time consuming.

Connected: Here you will find past blog and online business reports.

Pete and Heather Reese make a live video on the beach

I have now compromised with myself and it is more realistic to stick to this schedule. The solution?

I will publish an online annual report for our blog every quarter.

The first of these new quarterly income reports will be published in April 2020 and updated from January to March 2020. The format will be completely new and I plan to have even more fun with a behind the scenes look at our online business and blog.

But first, we have to deal with a little unfinished business for 2019.

The perfect way for me to deal with this was to review this online business earnings report for 2019.

In this report, along with some other information, I will discuss:

  • Our online course and training program sales for 2019
  • A summary of all of our currently available courses and training programs
  • Our affiliate and sponsored post-income figures for 2019
  • Total online business and blogging revenue for 2019
  • Our online advertising costs for 2019 (our biggest costs)
  • The blogging trips we did in 2019
  • Some links for you to get a comprehensive FREE training
  • Some links to our communities where you can get in touch with us online
  • Our business goals for 2020

That’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Our online sales figures for 2019

Our online courses and training programs make up a large part of our business. In fact, they are about half of our business.

Our programs all focus on blogging and / or online business.

We firmly believe in the lifestyle and earning potential of online business, and for the past three years we have focused on showing others how we can do a really profitable business while living an amazing lifestyle.

In the past, there were very limited ways to do both …

With a blog and online business, you can now design the kind of life you want to live. It’s just a matter of following a proven model and doing the targeted work to achieve it.

Our online sales of courses and training programs for 2019 were: $ 1,063,559

*** This number is given after payment of fees and partner commissions.

Until the fourth quarter of 2018, we used Teachable as an exclusive training and online course platform.

In October we decided to give it a try Kajabi for our new training program because we’ve heard some amazing things about it. I have to say I am impressed with Kajabi.

Now we have divided our courses Kajabi and teachable and we’ll probably leave it that way for now. Neither platform is better in my eyes. It is simply a matter of coordinating the program with the platform so that our content is made available to our students in the best possible way.

Below are 2 different screenshots as they are separate platforms:

Learnable online course sales for 2019 – after all fees and partner commissions

Educational sales figures for 2019 for the screenshot

Kajabi online course sales for 2019 – after all fees and commissions for partners

Kajabi course sales for 2019 for the screenshot

A summary of all of our currently available courses and training programs

Blogging Blastoff – Monthly premium training program that turns you from blog novice to blog expert. In this course, you’ll learn how to make money from a blog, drive traffic, set up your blog like a real business, expand your social accounts, and more. So far over 4500 students have attended this flagship course! Every month we enroll a new class for the next month and enrollments are only open for 1 week. Read about Blastoff blogging here.

Blogging Blastoff professional blogger training program

Travel blogging Blastoff – Premium training program that shows you exactly how to run a professional travel blog. Topics include pitching for Comped stays, creating professional content, expanding your travel blog, and more. This is all we learned from years of trying and over 80 blogging trips. Read about the brand new version of Travel Blogging Blastoff here.

Blastoff professional travel blogger training program

Blogging mastermind experience – This brand new program in late 2019 is a next level training program from Blogging Blastoff. In this program, Heather and I host a weekly live video call for our students every week, answering all blog and business questions they have. There is also a close-knit mastermind group designed to improve the collaboration between our blogging students who are committed to creating great blogging companies. Blogging from Mastermind Experience is only possible for regular registrations. Read all about blogging mastermind experience here.

Blogging mastermind Experience a professional blogger training course

Sell ​​this course – The biggest problem that online course creators face is selling their course or training program. This training program solves this problem once and for all. Our accurate system shows you how we build and use our communities to build trust that ultimately leads to course sales. It is a system based on offering our students free added value and being there for them when they are ready to go further. Sell ​​That Course will be open to a new group of students at the end of February. Read all about Sell That Course here.

Sell ​​this course solution so that online course creators can sell their courses

WP quick start – This course is designed to get you up to speed quickly with WordPress and Bluehost. It is a collection of short screen sharing videos that will walk you through the process of setting up your website and showing you exactly what you need to know to get started. It’s specifically designed to show you what you need, and deliberately omits the tiny details that most WordPress users don’t have to deal with. Read all about WP Fast Launch here.

WP Fast Launch WordPress and Bluehost Training

Motivate your mind – Your mind is your greatest asset and can also be your greatest enemy in your online business. For this reason, we have put together the monthly Motivate Your Mind challenge. Every month in this highly motivating group, we work on an entrepreneurial challenge to provide you with actionable tools to improve your thinking and achieve the business success you deserve. Read all about Motivate Your Mind here.

Motivate your monthly challenge

Let’s get to our partner and sponsored premium income

Affiliate sales also make up a large part of our business.

These are commissions that we receive when we refer people from our website to products and services that we believe in and that we use ourselves!

Some of our preferred partners are:


Constant contact






Sponsored posts are paid for by a brand or company to create content for a specific campaign. While we’re still doing some sponsored posts projects, we’re doing a lot less of it than before.

In fact, Heather used to focus only on sponsored posts and blog incomes soared. She earned over $ 30,000 a month for years exclusively from sponsored posts, sponsored social posts, and some sponsored guest posts on the brand websites. This sometimes included long-term sponsorships with companies like Invisalign, Kia and Johnson & Johnson,

We have also done many sponsored blogging trips in the past where we were paid for family vacation. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Due to agreements with our affiliate partners and contractual agreements with our sponsored post partners, the specific sources of income are not broken down in detail.

Our affiliate and sponsored post income for 2019 was: $ 1,169,677.40

Total online business and blogging revenue for 2019

Online business blog income report 2019 annual review pinterestNow it’s time to add up both the course sales for 2019 and the income from affiliate and sponsored posts.

Our online sales of courses and training programs for 2019 were: $ 1,063,559

Our affiliate and sponsored post income for 2019 was: $ 1,169,677.40

Total 2019 online business and blogging revenue total: $ 2,233,236.40

Not that bad!!

Do you remember the beginning when I said we failed a little bit in some areas? This income is great, but it missed my goals a little.

There is always 2020.

And … we have some really big plans to make things bigger.

Our online advertising costs for 2019 (our biggest costs)

A quick note: the income figure in this report is good, don’t get me wrong. But we also have a lot of expenses that have allowed us to reach that level. That is a income report which means that we do not specify all of our expenses (what are many). These expenses include, but are not limited to: assistants and specialty companies around the world, professional services, software and tools, office and studio space, equipment, travel expenses, online advertising (our biggest expenses) and much more.

For the purposes of this report, I think it is important to highlight our greatest effort, namely online advertising.

In 2019, we spent $ 1,317,393.24 on online advertising! That is a lot of money !! I thought Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube were free? They are free unless you want to place ads to ensure that your message is posted there. Most of our advertising spending was on Facebook and Instagram. I’m still waiting for the invitation to your place in Hawaii, Mark!

We also spent part of our ad budget on Pinterest and YouTube.

In 2020 I plan to significantly diversify our advertising spending and find our ideal audience wherever they spend their time on the Internet.

The blogging trips we did in 2019

One of the main focuses of our blog is Luxury Family Travel.

We have been traveling with our travel blog for around 150 days a year since 2015. It has led us to amazing destinations around the world and we have now taken over 80 different blogging trips, most of them as a family (all 5 of us).

2019 was no different!

Here’s a quick recap of our trips in 2019. I’ve added some links to posts and videos if you’d like to see some of our trips.

I would love it too if you Follow me on Instagram and I think Heather too… Haha! I love to write stories when we’re traveling so you can experience all of our adventures there!

We also have most of our travel videos (and blogger training) on ​​our website YouTube channel here.

Here are the places we traveled to in 2019:

Riviera Maya – Cancun

The Grand in the Moon Palace

Grand Bahia Principe

Disney Creator Days – Orlando

Walt Disney World

Disney Wonder Cruise

Caribbean Cruise


Cayman Islands

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai Beach Villas

Hanalei Bay Resort


Star Wars Galaxy Edge First look

Las Vegas

Family friendly Las Vegas

Victoria, BC Canada

Victoria part 1

Victoria part 2

Reese family tour through Europe

Paris, France

Munich, Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Vienna, Austria

Berlin, Germany

Brussels Belgium

Disney Transatlantic Cruise – Dover, England to New York

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World autumn trip

*** The video will be released shortly

Caribbean Cruise


St. Thomas

St. Marteen

Indian Wells, CA.

Renaissance Indian Wells

Wow, did you make it this far? It’s February 2020 as I write this and I still feel like I’ve recovered a bit.

The trip in 2019 was incredible and unforgettable (especially if you take so many videos and photos and write about everything … haha!)

I can’t wait to see where our blogging adventures will take us in 2020!

Our extensive FREE blogging and online business training

Our corporate philosophy has always been to offer as much free help and value as we can.

That was right from the start when we started helping entrepreneurs. Our focus is on our students and helping others shape the types of lives they want to live.

That will never change.

One thing that has changed is that it is It is no longer necessary to go to college and get an expensive degree that you have to pay off for a long time to be happy and successful.

It’s about finding something that you enjoy and then making a plan that can make you money.

That is why blogging and online business are so popular.

As you can see from this income report, many things are possible. In fact, we haven’t even scratched the surface of our potential.

We want to inspire you and help you on the path you want to take.

To that end, we have developed some extensive FREE training resources that will help you tremendously.

These are not junk programs either. As you will see, it is a hands-on training that allows you to build your own online business.

For one of these programs, all you have to do is click the link and then enter your name and email address in the form. The training will then be automatically sent to your email inbox.

Start a blogging business (formerly Start A Money Making Blog) – This 5-day basic blogging course has been downloaded over 500,000 times. In this course, we’ll show you exactly how to choose a niche, choose the perfect name, get your logo, set up the right hosting for your blog, and much more. Get the Start A Blogging Business course for free here.

Start a Blogging Business How to Start a Free Blog Course

How to start a travel blog – This 5-day course includes all the steps necessary to start a professional travel blog. From naming your blog to choosing your niche to choosing the right platform for hosting your travel blog. Get the How To Start A Travel Blog course here for free.

How to start a free training program and course for travel blogs

Email your way to Comped Travel – If you are interested in the world of travel blogging, this one-hour video training is for you. We give you an insight into the techniques that professional travel bloggers use to arrange (free) trips to resorts, hotels, attractions, cities, countries and much more. It’s just an exchange of content for free accommodations. Test the free training here on request.

How to send an email on your way to comped travel on demand video training

Course creator blueprint Are you an expert on a subject? Or do you have special knowledge that you can use to help others learn? Then an online course business could be just the thing for you. The Course Creator Blueprint shows you the exact steps you need to take to open your own online course business. The best part is that we are now offering it for free! Get Course Creator Blueprint for FREE.

Training for course creators to start their own online course for free

10k traffic challenge – Visiting your website is one of the most important factors for your success as an online entrepreneur. If you don’t have traffic to your website, it’s like having a business that nobody ever gets into. In this case, it is impossible to sell anything. For this reason, we spend 10 days every month with a free challenge, the 10k Traffic Challenge. It’s 10 days of learning, community, and networking with other bloggers and online business owners. We would be happy if you were part of the next challenge! Read all about the 10k Challenge here.

February 2020 free 10k blog traffic challenge

Bookmark this page as the free training mentioned above can really change your life (it applies to thousands of our students).

Some links to our communities where you can get in touch with us online

A large part of our success has been the communities we have built. When I say “built” I really mean it.

We use a significant amount of resources for both our time, our money and our team to run our communities efficiently. We work hard every day to help our students as much as we can!

We’ll show you where you can connect with us in our communities so you get the support you need.

But first we have a special announcement!

In recent years we have invested a lot in building our Facebook groups.

Our largest group has almost 200,000 members.

As the groups grew, we noticed that the user experience was not at the level we wanted.

Facebook groups are inherently inefficiently organized, making it difficult to find answers and even find posts / threads that you were involved in.

For these reasons, we knew we had to find a solution and we put together something AWESOME.

Our big announcement is that we’re launching a brand new blogging and online business forum called

This is a traditional style forum with a modern look and improved features that we know you will love as much as we do!

Big Blogs new blogger forum and community

Some of the really cool features of big blogs:

Possibility to use a username (instead of your name if you want).

  • Possibility to add a link to your website in your signature. The more you comment, the more attention your blog gets.
  • Easy organization so that your posts and comments are not lost in the Facebook feed.
  • Subscribe to posts and forums and you will be automatically notified by email when there are new activities.
  • Works perfectly on desktop and mobile.
  • Many, many more great features.

As I write this, Big Blogs is almost ready to go.

Finally, we will gradually move all of our groups to the Big Blogs platforms.

Go over there Now and register for your username while it is still available.

I mentioned our Facebook groups above. You can still find us wherever we can help you. We have a great team of moderators who also help us.

Here are the links to our groups:

Start a blogging business

Start a travel blog

We also run numerous groups for the students of our paid courses.

If you are on Instagram, follow us there:

Pete: @reesepeter

Heather: @itsalovelylife

Our business goals for 2020

It’s time to formulate our business goals for 2020:

1. We focus on HEAVY Video content related to blogging and online business, This plan is already in full swing and we are not stopping!

2. We have focused exclusively on paid ads in recent years. Now we’re trying to improve our organic traffic methods to complement our ads. This means a strong emphasis on YouTube, Pinterest and SEO.

3. Earnings: I don’t want to issue a specific revenue figure here, but I’m just saying that the goal is far above what we did in 2019.

4. Be less dependent on platforms that we don’t own. This is directly related to our discussion about our Facebook groups above.

5. Build our team with some fantastic people. A company is only as good as those who work in it.

Well, it turned out that this post was much longer than I thought. That’s okay! I enjoyed writing it and most of all I hope you enjoyed it and learned something.

I would really like to know something …

Did this article inspire you to achieve something big with your online business?

I would really like to know. Every time I post an income report, I get amazing comments and emails. Every now and then, however, I get some negative feedback.

I make these income reports for the following reasons:

  • to keep up with my business goals
  • to give you an insight into this type of online business
  • to attract additional attention to our communities, training programs and blog content
  • hopefully inspire someone who wants to accomplish some great things

So let me know below. Do you like these reports? I want to provide you with everything you need to set up your own online business blog. I want to know what will help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for reading!

-Pete Reese

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