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The flu season has started and it could be one of the worst of recent records. After a new report of the advisory boardIn 46 states, the flu is already classified as “widespread”. The CDC reports that there has been at least one 19 million Flu diseases this season that plunge hospitals across the country into crisis.

By January 4, between 9.7 and 14 million people had the flu, according to the latest CDC Dataand officials say if this season falls by the ways it is, it will be one of the worst in decades.

How are the facilities dealing with the enormous influx of flu patients? Initial reports show that the facilities are having problems. ON WBUR reportThe Massachusetts-based news broadcaster describes overcrowded emergency rooms and overworked personnel fighting the flu virus. A doctor said: “This year is a special challenge for us, who have experienced many January in the past.” Both doctors and nurses have reached their limits and are long working for the millions of people who have the flu.

Data from the CDC confirm these stories. Influenza-like illnesses (ILIs) have been among the most common in recent years, which in turn is affecting hospitals and emergency rooms across the country. Visits to flu-like symptoms are also expensive: The CDC estimates that $ 10.4 billion is spent annually on direct medical expenses related to the flu – along with confusion and delayed hospitalization times, especially in the emergency room.


How do hospitals deal with the increase in patients during the flu season and how will they cope with it in the next ten years when a third of the nurses reach retirement age? Nurses don’t have enough school-leaving qualifications to replace retired nurses, and the burnout that affects nurses is already at an all-time high.

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