Episode 20: Living in the shared bathroom Father

Jeff reports from Cheyenne, Wyoming this week, whose robust pioneering spirit has made him the Dad 2.0 of the cities. It is beautiful and constantly evolving and (literally) building new industries every day. Plus: Lots of eight foot cowboy boots!

Since 20 is such an important milestone, we are present with the consequences all over the world. There is the usual stuff about fathers for girls and boys (referring to the paternity this week on Friday, roughly the #GirlDad phenomenon that Twitter flooded with girls dad photos) who Oscars and #WhiteMaleRage, and the unmistakable privilege of writing with an experienced editor. (Greetings to Amy Joyce, Editor of the Washington Post About parenthood, and Farah Miller, Director of Content Strategy at NYT parenting, who will both be present to expand their stable of author fathers.)

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