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Would you like the simple guide to affiliate marketing?

Here we discuss what affiliate marketing is, how to start and how to win …

… The stupid passive income style 😉

Let’s start.

Affiliate marketing for dummies

Affiliate marketing has many moving elements, so you may be wondering the following:

What is the best program?

What is my commission rate?

Are you talking about the type of cookie you eat or another type?

What is the H-E double hockey stick SEO?

I’ll stop you right there before you start hyperventilating. Let’s talk about what affiliate marketing is. Then we’ll deal with the other things.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend someone else’s product. If a customer buys after you have recommended the product, you will receive a commission.

Like this:

Let’s say I have a blog. My blog is about the coolest WordPress plugins ever. Like any DUMB person (definitely unmistakable, wonderfully brilliant), I would recommend AmaLinks Pro to my readers.

If one of my readers buys through my link, I get a percentage of the sale.

But wait, Bucko. Why would someone come to my website and use my link if they could go directly to the owner’s website?

What value do I bring into the world as a partner?

Good questions.

Partners have 2 main values ​​in the world:

  1. We help potential buyers make a decision
  2. We offer product developers new sources of potential buyers

Let’s look at them.

1. We help buyers make a decision

You are right, if someone wants to buy the windsurfer paddleboard because they know that it is the largest paddleboard in the world, there is not much you can do there.

The buyer knows what he wants. You are no longer up to date.

But I would argue that most buyers Not know what they want.

Not exactly.

You have an idea of ​​what they are could want. You feel a need.

This is the reason why people walk around in clothing stores, video game stores, grocery stores or wherever and look at different products. Buyers want options, they want to know which jeans fit best, which game is most fun, and which food is the best choice for vegans.

This is where we come in.

If people are looking for something like “the best paddleboard for tall men”, they know what they need. They don’t know what product they want.

So we select some products, read the reviews, scan the technical data and maybe even try the products ourselves. Then we state: This is the best overall, this is the best for guys over 6’4 ”, this has the best grip and this last one is the fastest.

We save people time. We show you which product best suits your specific needs.

These are often referred to as “buying guides”.

We can also write specific product reviews: what are the advantages and disadvantages of this special paddleboard?

Between buying guides and reviews, we help readers find the best product for them.

But we too …

2. Open new productivity sources for the product creator

I’m sure Matthew would love it if he never had to spend a partner commission on someone for AmaLinks Pro sales. But it could have a very, very small number of users.

Because we have the keys to traffic for affiliate marketers.

We not only help users make decisions and save time, we also help product developers to get new eyes on their product. And we’re a fairly low-risk process: developers only pay us when they get a sale.

You can’t waste money on ads.

You can’t get a negative ROI.

In short, affiliate marketing is a guarantee business. We help potential buyers to feel safe with their purchases. We help business owners feel confident about winning new customers.

This is affiliate marketing. But how do we do that?

how to start affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing

Starting affiliate marketing is pretty easy: go to a website, search for an affiliate page in the footer, and sign up.

But do it right is a bit more complex than creating a new username and password.

It all starts with some space. Your little space.

Find your niche

When I started affiliate marketing, I signed up for some programs. Clickfunnels, Amazon, something super stupid like weight loss through juicing info course.

I’m sure I don’t remember the last one because I deleted the memory and no, I don’t want to talk about it, thank you.

But I remember creating a crappy landing page and trying to promote everyone. If you need funnels or dog food, or drink liquid sadness, I was your type.

You can imagine that I didn’t sell funnels, dog food, juices for weight loss, or anything else.

All affiliate marketers fail because they either don’t make enough effort or don’t find a good niche. I can’t help the first one. I can help the second one.

Your niche shouldn’t be wide. It should be specific, a thin section of the human population. You don’t want students. They don’t even want college students to go broke. They want broken college students who are trying to get some money back by selling their textbooks.

They want cat owners with overweight cats who poop too much.

Once you have a website (see below, so keep your eyes peeled), each page or post should reach a thin section of a niche. Once you have enough pages or posts, you have collected so many chips that you contain a significant portion of the cake.

We call this an authority page. You are an authority in the niche and can talk about all sorts of things.

But that’s not how you start.

You start tight. And the closer you go, the less competitive it will usually be.

Spend some time brainstorming your niche. If you don’t want to brainstorm, I’ll help you be lazy: we’ve already put together a list of 1,452 niche ideas that you can use today,

If you run the risk of sounding stupid, you can get the list by clicking the link above.

Once you’ve got your niche idea, it’s time to find the right affiliate program.

Find your program

Your affiliate program will be the boys and girls you pay if you recommend sales. If you’ve ever read about affiliate marketing for more than 5 minutes, you’ve heard all about the famous Amazon Associates program.

I’ll spare you a lot of reading and say this: it’s a great choice for many niches that sell physical products.

Here is the link to join

Amazon isn’t perfect: their commissions can be lower than some of their competitors, their affiliate support is just as confused as we are, and they swing the banhammer so often that they might as well be a certain blonde avenger.

But Amazon is the most trusted retail brand in the world. Whether you need socks, a new pan, cat food, or a Game of Thrones coloring book (please find better ways to amuse your kids), Amazon has it.

And contrary to popular belief, many of their commissions are pretty reasonable. Some are terrible and you are become starve to death when you launch an Amazon affiliate site that sells Xboxs (Xboxes?).

But many other niches are fine.

Amazon also has the unique advantage of earning commissions any Product sold by a visitor via your link within 24 hours. Commissions from a TV sale on a website that talks about feeding raccoons? Yes, please!

There are also countless ways to make your Amazon links more attractive. Shameless plug back to AmaLinks Pro.

If you are not in the niche of physical products, I recommend somewhere like ClickBank,

It’s also not a bad idea to sign up for individual affiliate programs. These can help increase your sales by offering new things to your audience and protecting you if your relationship with a partner goes bad.

In the footer of the website you will often find links to a website’s affiliate program.

You have your niche. Your program is selected. Now let’s talk about the most important part: making money.

Affiliate marketing for dummies

How to win as a partner

The first step to a partner’s success is to find your source of traffic. Frequent traffic sources can be podcasts, YouTube videos or blogs.

Most people will not retire or even put food on the table with podcasts and YouTube. It can be difficult to do well. I recommend a blog for most people who don’t have an audience yet.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. It’s easy to create a lot of content every day with little effort over time
  2. Keyword research is easier with a blog than with YouTube or a podcast
  3. You control the website to start making bigger plans for the future

I take pictures directly with you: I think podcasts are saturated and YouTube gives you little control over your audience, your videos and your traffic.

Not a big fan of all of these things.

If you are interested in starting a website, I recommend you do the following:

  • Use Siteground for your hosting. Unless you are a web developer, you want to use WordPress. This is the best option for anyone who doesn’t speak 11 coding languages.
  • Install GeneratePress or Astra as your WordPress theme
  • Use Elementor to make your website pretty

And voila. For the low price of hosting and a domain name, you have a simple, bespoke website. Now it’s time to fill it up with content.

How to create high quality affiliate content

Your website design won’t bring you a dollar and I recommend you don’t get too excited about it.

With content you attract your audience and earn your money.

But a short message for you:

Not one person in the whole world cares about what she I want to write about it except your mother.

(And me. I am interested)

But nobody else does.

Every single person in the world is selfish. You want to solve your own needs and not worry about your passions or interests.

So when we write content, it has to be solved their need. We need to find out what people want to learn and then write content that is tailored to them.

This is known as keyword research.

There are many ways to find out what an audience is looking for. I recommend the Niche Pursuits article on the best keyword research tools (really written by you). Some are free, some are not, and the paid ones are almost always better.

For affiliate income, we want to target keywords where users want more information about a purchase decision. These items can be divided into two categories: best X for Y and product ratings.

Think of something like “best dog food for indoor dogs” or “constant contact checking”.

The best way to buy travel guides is to choose a few products that you like, talk about the pros and cons, and say which one is best for which type of buyer. “Overall best dog food for indoor dogs”, “best dog food for long-haired indoor dogs” etc.

This is your money side. I also recommend that you post some non-monetized information articles on your website. These info articles help your website look more authentic, authoritative, and attractive. Info articles can also be helpful later when building a link or collecting an email list.

I recommend sorting your content into categories. For a dog website you may have one category for food (best food for … what can dogs eat? Etc.), another for grooming (best dog bed for … is my dog ​​depressed? Etc.) and another for Fun (how to do it) train a dog to … the best leash for … etc.).

These categories come into play when we expand our business

So let’s talk about how affiliate marketing really pays off …

Grow your affiliate marketing business

You have chosen your niche, created your website, published a few articles and now the dollars are rolling in (oh, if only it were that easy).

Now is the time to turn your little affiliate game into a legitimate, sustainable business.

The first and easiest way to do this is to create an email list. Do you remember the categories above? Now they are useful.

I recommend doing a different email registration for each category. For your fun category, you may have an opt-in that shows people how to train a dog for fetching. For your grooming category, you may have an opt-in that shows people how to shine their dog’s hair.

Use these categories to find out what your audience is interested in.

Once you have your email list, your options are unlimited. Post a new post and want immediate traffic? E-mail list. Can you find a fantastic info article that pays affiliates high commissions? E-mail list.

You don’t have to have a large email list to see the effects. I’m not going to go into details, but I saw an email with a list of ~ 7,500 that brought in sales of $ 15,963 in immediate sales and $ 667 in monthly recurring sales.

And this company sent 4 emails a month!

* shocked pikachu face *

An email list also contains information. If 60% of your email list is interested in dog grooming and you have a partner post on the best dog brushes that do very Good…

You might consider starting your line of dog brushes. You know you can recommend them in your partner post, and you have an eager email list of people who trust you.

Now you are pulling affiliate revenue from your competitors and Sell ​​your own product for much higher margins.

Your aspiring site and email list also have other superpowers.

Would you like to start a YouTube channel now? Immediate traffic source and subscribers.

What about a podcast? Say it to me: Sub-Scribler.

Social media? Followers, likes and groups.

Affiliate marketing works because …

There are many ways to make money online. But when it comes to making money online, none is as efficient as affiliate marketing.

You don’t treat the product, you don’t deal with customers. They recommend things. People buy it. You make money.

You earn more per visitor than with ads.

You have fewer problems than with a product.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of sweet spot for starting a new online business if you don’t have an audience yet.

How long will it all take?

I get it. It all sounds great. Start a business, work a little, then benefit.

I’m sure you’ve heard that in the infomercials at 3 a.m.

No thanks.

I don’t promise it will be easy. The dirty little secret of the internet marketing community is how much work goes into this stuff. It’s a pain sometimes. If you have another job, move either early in the morning or late in the evening.

You will go through times when you wonder if it’s all worth it if you swear that this is just another internet marketing joke.

I assume that if you work hard (or invest money), your results will arrive in about 6 months to a year. You will start slowly, very slowly.

Then they can grow.

It is not easy. But it’s worth it.

I started affiliate marketing right after I left university. I failed a lot, but I found a mentor, worked my way up, and had a sweet appearance as a marketing director at a company that I have a passion for.

The worst scenario is that you fail and learn valuable skills that you can work with from anywhere in the world. (Hello from Barcelona)

And this is a trade that not even a dummy could miss.

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