Sewing & Quilt Gallery: The January Escape Quilting

Somehow it is already February. My last post was in December. It feels like it’s been ages since December. Life wasn’t nice. My troublemaker child managed to suspend himself in the week before the Christmas break and then again as soon as school started in January. I thought I was going to hit my head against a wall. Oh wait, I think so. You think, oh, it’s not a big deal to have a teenage home when you work from home, but trust me … it hasn’t worked close enough! Lucky for me (if you want to call it happy), I was just loading my next show quilt onto the longarm when the Sh & T hit the fan, so it was just my quilt that lasted forever and endured the delays of life , After 2 weeks of working on it, it is over and we are trying to get back on a “normal” schedule.

The first 3 quilts shown all came from the same customer. They were on the machine for about 2 weeks, so you can imagine that I was ready to take them off and get paid! I love doing multiple client quilts, but more often, several are sent at once, but completed over several months. Not this case. This is a Kim McLean Flower Garden (or something like that – frankly, they all look the same to me anyway). It has MANY twisted edge applications.

The quilt is combed twice and sewn with mostly Superior’s Magnaquilter (100wt) thread. It is very beautiful and fades into the background. You can trace back several times without showing this.

The applications on this blanket are huge – far too large to leave them unchanged. So … most of them had to be quilted. I think I used 10 different colors of 40wt thread to do this.

The limit is a bit of fun with these meandering feathers that wrap around the circles. It is actually a mostly continuous motif.

Quilt number 2 was fun. Boy, do I like E2Es sometimes? I don’t understand that many of them, but a lot of quilts are really bad candidates for individual quilting. This is a classic, perfect quilt for an E2E.

Last quilt is another Dream Big Flower Panel. I’ve done a lot of them in the past 12-18 months, but this is my first one in green! It is double-stitched and sewn in 4 colors from Glide-like thread (glossy 40 W). It’s a good top to play with funny feathers and fill patterns from my books.

Check out this fantastic texture!

Here is my first end in February. It will go home to NJ tomorrow. I think you will be able to see it on the Vermont Quilt Show in June. It’s also a double stroke, a common trend among show quilters or custom quilts.

Your application is fused according to Sue Nichols’ method and then sewn very cleanly with a blanket. Because the centers of the applications are free of the melt, they tend to foam better than when they are not cut away. Unfortunately, I still encountered problems with needle gluing when melting, so I limited the quilting of the applications to SID. It still looks very nice.

The center combines some graceful and symmetrical feathers with a little hatching and lots of pebbles. This is done in a golden 40wt thread. All of the quilting is in the same thread.

I created a round row of frames around the outer blocks to create a secondary pattern. There’s really not much more room to do much on this blanket. The application is really the star.

Sometimes the morning light comes in to light the ceiling nicely.

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