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Are you visiting Cuba soon and want to know which are the best places to visit in Cuba?

No matter how much you prepare for a trip to Cuba, you are still overwhelmed when you arrive.

Life, color, music … everything is here – a pulsating heartbeat that sweeps you away and kidnaps you in its bohemian Salsatempo. The personality of this fascinating country is magnetic, contagious and it is impossible to say no.

Interestingly, this incredible vibrancy can be found all over Cuba.

Every city and village that we have visited, the country, the cities in Cuba, this vitality is woven into the fabric that makes Cuba.

Mr & Mrs Romance - where to go in Cuba - Havana markets

This does not mean that there are no problems here or that the same is the same everywhere. Not at all.

Traveling in Cuba can be difficult.

There is practically no public transport, a connection is not recommended. If you are only traveling in the UK, Australia and North America, a self-drive option is also not recommended.

There are some amazing tour operators like for small groups Cuban adventure that really delivers and ensures that you are safe. And more importantly, don’t waste valuable travel time waiting for a bus that has left MIA.

G Adventures also do tours to Cuba and Intrepid has special People to People tours for US citizens.

Of course there is crime in Cuba too, but most of the time it is Street scams you can see coming a mile away.

It’s really just people trying to get through, because poverty is still an issue in Cuba. In general, the locals are incredibly friendly and want to speak to you.

Mr & Mrs Romance - where to in Cuba - Havana Vieja

When it comes to travel destinations, there is so much to see and do in Cuba, a country rich in culture.

Every small town and big town in Cuba has its own atmosphere and story. And while there are places we should avoid in Cuba, there are some amazing places that you shouldn’t miss.

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4 places to visit in Cuba

Ok, let’s talk about what to see in Cuba and what are the best attractions in Cuba.

1. Havana

If you don’t come to Havana when you visit Cuba, you’re doing this country wrong.

Havana is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever visited. And I don’t mean “Oh, isn’t that wonderful, darling”. Havana is really full of wonders and one of the best things to do in Cuba.

It is not without reason that Havana is the capital of Cuba – from the crumbling buildings to the curious narrow streets full of life and ingenuity. Get the perfect screenshot of a culture that the rest of the world has been ignoring for so many years.

Our best advice is to walk around the city. You will hear about the amazing history and culture that lives here and discover elements that you would miss if you were not informed.

Attractions in Havana, Cuba:

• El Capitolio – National Capitol Building

• Bar on the roof of the Ambos Mundos hotel

• The Malecón promenade and the dam

• Almacenes San Jose market

• Havana Cathedral (plus square of the houses of the 4 richest families in Cuba)

• If you have time, visit the castle – Castillo el Morro – the other side of the port. It is full of history and a real icon of the city.

Mr & Mrs Romance - where to in the Cathedral of Cuba - Havana?Mr & Mrs Romance - where to go in Cuba - the capital Havana

2. Viñales

The very best tobacco for the biggest brands of cigars is grown in Vinales, a tiny city that has a major impact on the rest of the country. Cohiba, Montecristo, Cuaba – all use the leaves grown in this valley.

From the mountains that surround it to the small dance club behind the main square, Viñales The epitome of regional Cuban life.

Sights in Viñales, Cuba:

• Cuban dance club

• Hike through tobacco fields

• Organic farm

• Lunch in the El Olivo restaurant

• Watch people from anywhere!

Mr & Mrs Romance - where to in Cuba - Vinales tobacco farmsMr & Mrs Romance - where to go in Cuba - Vinales transport

3. Cienfuegos

About an hour and a half west along the coast from the bay of pigsThis port city is full of art, culture and history. Cienfuegos is known as the Pearl of the South thanks to its beautiful bay – Bahia de Jagua,

There is a lot to do here – even if you just stroll through the city streets.

The locals seem to be the westernmost and the city itself has a much more European feel. This is due to the strong French influence on the customs and architecture of the city.

Other Cubans testify people Cienfuegos are the most beautiful and cultivated.

Mr & Mrs Romance - where to go in Cuba - Cienfuegos monuments

Attractions in Cienfuegos, Cuba:

• To have Dinner in El Tranvia

• Plaza de Armas and the monument to the Cuban hero José Martí

• The art galleries around the Plaza de Armas

• The Arch of Triumph in Jose José Martí Park – the last in the country

• Bahia de Jagua – the bay that makes Cienfuegos the pearl of the south

Mr & Mrs Romance - where in Cuba - Cienfuegos Square?

4. Trinidad

After Havana, Trinidad is the most historic city in Cuba.

Similar to Havana, the old town has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In contrast to Havana, this part of the city can only be reached on foot or on horseback. Carts are also allowed and are often seen.

The narrow cobblestone streets and the low, crooked, colorful houses characterize this city. Trinidad is a place of incomparable beauty in this country, which is already well represented in the photogenic operations.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Where to go in Cuba - Trinidad music clubs?

Activities in Trinidad, Cuba:

• Roam the cobblestone streets of the old town

• Visit the Museo Romántico opposite the Plaza Mayor. The view over the city is worth the entrance.

• Visit the other important buildings such as Holy Trinity Church and Plaza de Santa Ana as well as the Royal Jail, built in 1844.

• Casa de la Musica – bar and place for drinks during the day and music and dance in the evening

• Stroll through the street markets

• Visit the beach at Playa Ancon at sunset

• Disco Ayalu – a night club in a huge cave!

Mr & Mrs Romance - where in the city of Cuba - Trinidad?

Avoid places in Cuba

On your trip to Cuba, these are places that I recommend avoiding.


Mr & Mrs Romance - where to go in Cuba - not Varadero

Historically interesting, but unethical in its tourism, the Varadero Peninsula stretches into the Caribbean at the northernmost point of Cuba. It is about 2 hours east of Havana.

The American mafia wanted to build a number of casinos from this peninsula to Havana – that’s what they called the casino coast.

However, when Castro took control of the corrupt Batista, he kicked out the mafia, which then founded Las Vegas in Nevada.

This peninsula has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the country and we would normally vote for it to be a priority for a visit.

The problem is that the resorts here on the beach totally spoil it. All-inclusive package deals keep unwanted and unwanted tourists in their complexes, where the beaches are guarded and locals are not allowed.

There is even a boom gate at the beginning of the peninsula that prevents Cubans from entering.

Mr & Mrs Romance - where in Cuba - Caribbean?

Interestingly, Cuban life in Varadero lives on relatively normally outside the confines of these huge resorts.

There are classic American cars casa particular, small shops and bars. It is only spoiled by the legacy of the Cosa Nostra.

East cities like further afield Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa offer wonderful beaches, beautiful cities, exciting adventures and a path that is much less trodden. We didn’t make it there.

But it’s never a question!

Mr & Mrs Romance - where in Cuba - Havana Port?

We can’t wait to go back to Cuba and discover more of this fascinating country.

Mr & Mrs Romance - where in Cuba - old cars

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