Organize + styling: Saturdays in home style Home Renovation

HHello friend! What a week! We have Courtney All furniture has moved this morning. YAY! We concentrated so much on the move that I completely forgot to publish this Home Style Saturday post! Oops! Moving is always an ordeal, but overall it went really smoothly. She still has a few small things to move, but most of it is done.

Not only did we move your belongings, we also rearranged some of our belongings and furnishings. What we are most excited about now is that when we were preparing for this move, we were able to concentrate on how we can best use the other rooms in our house. We also came up with as many fun ideas as each area can be better organized.

I can’t wait to share the inspiration and our plans for how we can make the most of the space available.

I wish you a happy weekend and have fun with all the great home style posts shared below!

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