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Prague is a charming city with countless architectural wonders, but if you know me now, you know that there are no great sights without pairing with some of the best restaurants in the city. Here I describe some highlights of my trip to Prague!

La tasting (Dinner)
Starting with the namesake for this contribution, we ate dinner on our first evening in this reserved, Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of the old town (east side of the Vltava), which specializes in modern twists on traditional Czech cuisine. The ambience was cozy and reserved and seemed to focus on the kitchen and the guests. As is typical for such restaurants, there was only a fixed tasting menu (with optional wine pairing), which of course changes with the seasons. When we visited, the menu was as follows:

The best way to describe the courses at La Degustation is to have an excellent execution in terms of simplicity. There are no more than 2-3 ingredients listed per course, and yet the harmony of these pieces was unlike anything we had before. Courses that were familiar to us (i.e. pork neck, duck) were expected to be delicious, while even things that we normally refrain from (i.e. beet root, cabbage) taught us the depth of the flavors that come from this Simplicity won, really surprised. The crowd was more than enough and we went away and were very happy with the overall experience.

Sansho (Dinner)
We chose Asian cuisine on our second evening and visited Sansho – also in the old town near La Degustation. The restaurant prides itself on being a “whole animal” kitchen, which basically means that all parts of an animal from nose to tail are somehow integrated into the full meal. Despite my relatively adventurous palate, I was a little hesitant about how some of the non-traditional parts of the animals would be prepared, but I was pleasantly surprised that nothing was unfavorably exotic.

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