in Friday with Erich ep. 2 – Business software, trend spotting, thread weights and 3D foam embroidery Embroidery

The second episode of Friday with Erich is online; This time, we’ll cover the reasons why I think embroidery and clothing decorating stores should think about business management software, how to get inspiration, and how to use your inspiring resources to create new work without Click on the styles you see what “thread weight” means and discuss some elements of 3D foam embroidery. See the latest from my articles in Printwear. Images Magazine UKand answer questions I received from decorators this week!

As mentioned on the show:

Information about thread weights, which the inimitable Brian provides here:

If you’d like to see my latest business software article in Printwear magazine, you can find it here:

If you want to see my latest piece on trends and inspiration, you can find it here in Images Magazine –

If you would like information about the upcoming webinar on demystifying digitization, you can find the list here:…/If you want to see me at the Decorated Apparel Expo exhibitions, check it out at here!

Please come to me and my audience every Friday at 2:30 p.m. Mountain Time to have fun and answer your business questions about machine embroidery and decoration!

More coming next week!

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