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My best purchases of 2019 | Lark & ​​LinenPhoto: Jenni Kayne


I recently prepared my editorial calendar in anticipation of my upcoming mat vacation (I’m determined to prepare a lot of posts for you while I’m away for a while!) When I came across it this post from last year. It’s one that I know a lot of you really enjoyed, and I still really use every item on this list (except # 19 – I still love it, but it went out of the window when I switched all my beauty products over all natural ones, which you can read more about here if you want). The feeling of wanting to focus more on quality than quantity here has been proven until 2019 and beyond. I thought it would be fun to put together some kind of update and share my favorite purchases from 2019. The ones I used, love and are MORE than happy stand behind it.

My best purchases of 2019 | Lark & ​​Linen

1) I’ve been thinking for a long time about how much I love Cuyana (hers cosmetic bags are seriously magical – over two years heavy So it’s no surprise that her classic bagwhat I eyed forever Before I pull the trigger, it is at the top of my list of mandatory fields. The quality is not only incredibly wonderful, it is also similar to the Mary Poppins bags – I swear it fits something and everything and I guarantee that I will preach about it for a lifetime

2) This organic BB + tinted sunscreen is a clean way to get into daily sun protection. It also makes my skin look positively dreamy

3) I’m calling this I can’t believe how many times I’ve reached for it in forgiving weather. It has a beautiful weight, is incredibly flattering and has worn so well

4) I have preached many times over the years about the importance of quality sheets and these bad guys have definitely become a favorite in our household this year. They are the softest organic cotton, they are made in Canada (represent!) And they are simply worn so beautifully, I swear that they get softer with age

5) Staying cozy is always the name of my game, and this sweater has been in strong rotation for a while now. It’s just so soft and the quality is second to none

6) This mascara It took me a while to find it, but it’s clean, it goes on wonderfully, it works wonderfully, and it actually stops. Hooray!

7) As a larger breast woman, find a bra that looks both and feels good was a challenge. But once I discovered these babiesI quickly tossed every other bra in my drawer. I really wear it exclusively and had no concerns

8) When we were just getting pregnant, I decided to give myself one dainty piece of jewelry I want to remind you every day to stay present, let go and trust in our journey. Because of this, I’m a bit biased, but it quickly becomes one of my favorite pieces, and I love the constant memory every time I look at my wrist

9) If you have not yet deducted: a Sherpa SweatshirtPlease consider this as your sign. It is the ultimate cuddle pleasure and a must for me

10) A simple pair of white sneakers should not be missing in any wardrobe these boys are cute, convenient and easy on your wallet

11) This sweater tank has quickly become a supporting pillar in my closet. It is timeless, luxurious and flattering. I think it’s great that you can dress up or down depending on the day

12) While I don’t like much about my wardrobe, good sunglasses are more the exception. I picked it up these boys At the beginning of last year I got more compliments than anything else in my closet

13) Similar to the mascara, it took longer than I would have liked – but I finally found one clean brow powder that actually works

14) While I’m definitely trying to get as far away from Fast Fashion as possible, this cardigan (which is currently available for $ 13) is one of my most worn pieces this year

15) I spent a lot of time getting my health back on track in 2019, and this cookbook Definitely helped

16) While not exactly “clean”, I lost weight these boys At the end of last year, they are in their best shape and function (they look so pretty on our counter!). Once we used up the original interior, we filled it up with cleaner alternatives so that we can now use it without feeling guilty

17) It’s no secret that I’m a creature of comfort (give me leggings over jeans every day of the week), which means high heels are just not my cup of tea. This Day heels, however? They are the ones I can definitely stand behind. The heel is just high enough to feel a little sexy, but it’s still incredibly comfortable and instantly stands out from any outfit

18) If you followed me on Instagram stories at any point in the last year, you did it certainly spotted this cashmere hat, I wear it almost every day and love it to the core

19) I firmly believe that the key to any great wardrobe is to uncover really great basics. I took a couple these camis months ago, and wear them regularly. They are incredibly comfortable, flattering and I love that the square neckline feels a little slimmer

20) These pajamas have quickly become my focal point – they are so incredibly soft and cozy and look just as good today as when I picked them up.

21) I used to be vehemently against artificial plants, but have come a long way in recent years. We have these boys on our dining table and this hint of green (which I never have to think about!) bring the room to life


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