Voters could get a chance to relax development restrictions in San Francisco – News Urban Planning

“London Breed, the Mayor of San Francisco and a strong supporter of liberalization of development in her city and California, was not very lucky to get new housing ideas from the city’s board of directors,” said Conor Dougherty. That is why Mayor Breed is trying a new strategy: to bring the electorate closer to the housing estate.

“The mayor is expected to present an election on Wednesday that will change the city’s charter so that buildings with a significant amount of affordable housing – between 13 and 20 percent of units, depending on the size – can bypass the legislative process as long as they can correspond to the local zone codes, “reports Dougherty.

As suggested by Dougherty, the proposed election initiative still has a long way to go to qualify for a public election in the city. Dougherty provides additional background information on how the city makes it difficult for developers to obtain permits for projects that are “legally permissible” in the city’s zone code.

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