ULI and Hines announce new competition for European real estate students Urban Planning

Lars Huber, CEO of Hines Europe, speaks at the ULI Europe conference 2020 in Amsterdam.

ULI and Hines have announced a new competition the ULI Hines student competition – Europefor property graduates across europe who are further expanding their successful 18-year competitive partnership in america.

At the new competition, four students from Europe-wide universities are working on a case study in which they will test their understanding of real estate finance, investment and development, as well as social and environmental issues, to present a solution to timely land use. Challenge. The winning team receives a one-year ULI membership and takes part in the Hines internship program.

Lars Huber, CEO of Hines Europe, started the competition
At the ULI Europe Conference 2020 on Wednesday, February 5, it said: “We are very
proud of our long-term commitment to ULI and the support of young professionals
in creating better communities. This competition is about driving innovation
and promote the generation of new ideas to address land use problems
different perspectives and perspectives.

“Similar to our experience in America, we will emphasize this
the values ​​of cooperation and teamwork – necessary talents when investing,
Planning, designing and developing sustainable communities. The competition
will serve as a springboard for students to take what they have learned in school
Classroom and apply it in a workplace environment. “

Lisette van Doorn, CEO of ULI Europe, said: “We are
I am delighted that Hines worked with us on this new student competition
in Europe. Our first discussions with the universities have shown a lot
We look forward to the first submissions.
Aside from the learning experiences, this is a great way for students to become
They got to know ULI early in their careers and develop theirs
Networks. “

The teams submit in the first phase of the competition
Prequalification questionnaire along with each team member’s CV up to 12
February. The entries will then be examined by a jury consisting of different people
Group of high level industry professionals from various disciplines and
Geographies, with eight teams selected for the finals in London
Business school on April 24, 2020.

The day ends with each team presenting its solution
to a timely land use challenge to a jury of high-ranking industry experts,
followed by an evening drink recipe to announce the winners.

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