A note on style: beginning of the transition from winter to spring Interior Design

Hello LDV readers. It is Karima from A note on style, Paying in installments this month is easy because I’m starting to move my closet from winter to spring. I only take the classic color palette that I come back to every day and optimize it. Instead of relying on black to anchor outfits, I choose beige and ivory. The effortless formula Adds a subtle spring note to a range of looks available in my closet.

Since the temperatures do not yet warrant a complete seasonal shift, adapting this plan works wonderfully with pieces that keep me warm and cozy. A sweater or coat in this color is the easiest way, but my favorite is to add a pair of boots in a neutral shade. They are available in ivory, brown, camel or beige and give even the simplest look an immediate effect.

And while I’m at it, I’ll let this story flow into the house. I’ll cut vignettes back and keep the decor simple by focusing on a single object, just like Amy Meier do that brilliantly with olive branches in a clear vase (above). Or I’ll rearrange what I already have by combining books, art, and table decorations in a unique shade.

Demanding and fresh!

clockwise from top left: Christian Vierig; Amy Meier; Fashion; Zara boots; Net-a-Porter; HM




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