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 Liquids beyond 3-1 exceed -1 for toddler or baby in carry on

Above: uncooled milk crates? Applesauce bag? Children cough syrup? Baby, bring it here …

If you are flying with a baby or toddler, remember that your little companion is entitled to bring an “adequate amount” of liquids or gels on board that go beyond the 3-1-1 rules for carrying.

This contains: Liquid formula, breast milk, baby food, durable milk crates, or medications that may be needed in flight.

For a quick passage through airport security, put one of these larger amounts of liquid items in a clear, gallon-sized zipper pouch that you can easily take out of your diaper bag or hand luggage to place on top of other items as needed ,

The transparent zippered pocket keeps your child’s items clear and accessible even during the flight and prevents any leaks or sticky residues on your trip (like this medicine cup that you don’t want to take with you for washing up in the toilet).

NOTE: Make sure that your checked baggage contains formulations and cash that exceed an “appropriate amount” for your route. For more details, see the TSA website with details.

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